While others are in slumbers and perhaps dreaming of whatever suits them at the moment in time. One may call me a dreamer, maybe day dreaming in some way to have the world a better place for just a second. Let’s imagine adding beauty to this title, only in the shadows though. In the chaos, confusion of daily life in general: the utter devestation that was a result of Hurricane Sandy,(some may debate it could be global warming) of recent earthquakes, of complete disregard of a fellow human being. It is wonderful to recognise the beauty and dexterity. To just have quiet is so refreshing. To view a painting of significance, go to a nearby park adjacent to a lake, river, pond of some other form of water. How much beauty is there to view the clusters of colourful nature as far as the eye may see. Just listen to a variety of wonderful music as long or short duration, as long or soft. A favourite movie would be your cup of tea. The agility of tumblers, acrobatic perception, with exact precision without making an error, because if just a minute mistake could cost them dearly. Timing must be if not a second off. All the practice is the world would be for naught. These unique specimens devote their entire life not for the agility because that could never be self taught: it is self born. Not for the joy of performing although that could have a slight percentage of it. It is for the happiness. And millions upon millions: if not trillion if it is seen repeatedly. It can’t be a millimeter off. It is surely a tour de force.

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