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“Memories In Melody”

December 22, 2012

In this beautiful season of winter comes memories of melody. Memories of awesome photos of wintery senses through a camera lenses which persons share with scriptures of thoughts connected to them. If there was a melody that would be attached to them what piece of music would it be? Would it be a combination of all types? There has been a blizzard here with 12-20 inches of snow. Hasn’t been bad at all. Enjoying it completely. Actually a kid at heart, I am. A friend is in Northern Wisconsin at the moment and what a wonderful group of photos he has posted. Actually couldn’t resist to share them on my page. Maybe in the future I will use them as a couver photo. The memories of friendly gestures are unforgettable. Have been posting articles referring to gun control. Have to mention that Colin Goddard shown that he was more than courageous. He has gone uncouver to gun shows and shown how easy it is to purchase of gun without any identification which he did it once then repeatedly. Then the NRA has given an irrational statement. Won’t dignify the clarifacation of it: for it is irritating to even think of it. Enough. Sorry to spoil this blog with unpleasant words, but had to say something a little more about what I am thinking. Hope this will go through as a permanent blog b/c the typing is different. Happy Holidays to all of you.

“Coming To A Consensus”

December 17, 2012

Better left unsaid. Better left undreamed. Better left unfound. Better left unfought. These slogans are from a book by Dr. Michael Collins. Let me give credit where credit is due. In some cases these are true, and in other cases these aren’t. It depends individualistically. All are born. All will die. The in between is ours. This is a variation of a saying in a song by Eddie Vedder. Funerals are for the living: to commemorate those who have gone before us. There should be grief ( seven stages of this emotion) it should be shown for those of us who have ever experienced this. At some point in everyone’s life it is naturally done. When going through this, a person could be cope better if you would think of how it would affect others. Try to look outside yourself for a moment. Try to think of sons without a father, or a cousin without a brother. Or again sons and a daughter without a father. This will help you grieve better inside the initial grief. This shows that you aren’t alone. In the wake of Friday’s carnage, there is the whole community involved. Let’s try to celebrate the delightful memories of those little ones. Let’s try not to focus on one aspect. Try not to judge, not to leave blame. Try to solve this growing (overwhelming) problem in America. Should the NRA be banned? Should there be an ammonition banned? Should Congress revamped the Amendent to bear arms? Have spoken on the subject countless times in previous blogs. Don’t really know the answer. Though something, anything needs to be done. The status quo isn’t enough. Ignoring it isn’t enough, sweeping it under the rug won’t fly either. Let’s go to the core of  this, and nip it away.

“To Who This May Concern

December 3, 2012

This is precipitated by a couple of emails I received yesterday referring to the blog that was scripted. It was from wordpress, addressed Myxomotosis. As I was at the end of replying noticed that there was a attached to it. First of all wordpress sends me notification when someone reads my assigned blog and wants to comment. So naturally I go to notification and found out just out of curiousity. Everyone has heard that expression. Curiousity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back. I find that these so called individuals are reading my blogs and commenting, always in an affirmative way. In the first place, I don’t know these people. Don’t care to know them. These blogs which I have carefully scripted since 2008 are my concern. Never others. I have family and friends and only those I choose to have to share comments. I welcome those comments. WordPress has changed their format a bit to my disliking: in the fact that the site is devoted to contests or popularity, as to who may have the best and others may get ideas from others and then go ahead and procede. I say find your own ideas. Get them out of your own noggin and if you don’t then you have no business blogging in the first place. I blog for the simple pleasure. Don’t prefer to take a pen and paper and write b/c my hand gets tired. Prefer to type. I am a reserved person and don’t like having what I write broadcast for the rest of the world. I told wordpress exactly what I thought in so many choice words. They haven’t gotten back to me, naturally they are taken their sweet time. I have a link to facebook so that blogs may be posted there, so various members of my family may comment or just read them. Of course there is my choice friends too. Speaking of friends, I unfriended at least 20 of them b/c they were becoming annoying. This will be my 485th blog. Thinking when it reaches 500 I will get a flashdrive and pull them from wordpress and maybe put them in a book. So maybe I have gotten this situation out of my system. WordPress is saying to that I could change my user name. Why do that? I like that name. So now there are 15 more to go. I will probably most likely finish this next year. Will definitely not rush in the process. These blogs are matter and of great concern to me. They have meaning and content, each and everyone of them. I too, was thinking of printing them earlier when of course there were fewer but that would take mounds of ink and paper. Then maybe thought I could put them on disks. Then the thought would it last? A flashdrive is the ticket.

“Again With Early Hours”

December 2, 2012

There are times that are again with early hours. It doesn’t happen on a regular basis which is good. Mind is racing so no time for sleep at this point. Raining and seasonably warmer now in this beginning of a new month, and if it is because of global warming, living in this state people should seriously have a break from the coldest weather imaginable. There were times that you could attempt to feel a railing of a porch outside and your finger could literally stick to it. I did that with a glove on once just to see what would happen and with just that. I couldn’t imagine if I did that without a glove my skin would stick as well. So that is definitely cold or frigid. Speaking of cold weather, I deal with it, however don’t care for it and for that matter who does in their right mind. When I was young a broke my leg ( a compound fracture) that was at the age of seven. Then at the age of fourteen I broke my hand. So what’s with every seven years. There is truth in that. Actually numerology is a science. And there is truth is science isn’t it? I have been an avid walker which helps the arthritis in the joints of knees and elbows. Oh let me retract. About four years ago, I broke my arm and shoulder, again a fracture. So that was three times a charm. I still enjoy walking to this very day. Thinking of arthritis, I sometimes have an occasional pain where I said before and wonder if I someday will have rheumatoid arthritis later in life. Been reading ” Blue Collar Blue Scrubs” by Dr. Michael Collins an excellent book. Well recommended. What a natural way of the art of self expression. Really down to earth with no holds barred. Just an addition to what that has already been scripted. Had falafel with hummus with added ingredients including tomatoes(roma) must be italiana and cucumber. This creation was done by my son, Andre. He made a zenzecki sauce, with a side of romaine lettuce and red onions. He knows how to make these dishes with others well known and liked too. He does it with such finesse and it is a breeze to him like a piece of cake. Again before I bring this to a close, Andre had spoken to his agent in NY about an online book named ” Perdition Epilogne” He is working on the illustrations now. Have sent his agent about  twenty. Will send him many more. Waiting to hear back from the agent. This is a point of interest. May he have the luck of the Irish although Jimmy Breslin wrote in a book, that luck is the residue of design. I think it depends on which luck one wants it to be. Let’s compromise. Luck may be both things.