“Coming To A Consensus”

Better left unsaid. Better left undreamed. Better left unfound. Better left unfought. These slogans are from a book by Dr. Michael Collins. Let me give credit where credit is due. In some cases these are true, and in other cases these aren’t. It depends individualistically. All are born. All will die. The in between is ours. This is a variation of a saying in a song by Eddie Vedder. Funerals are for the living: to commemorate those who have gone before us. There should be grief ( seven stages of this emotion) it should be shown for those of us who have ever experienced this. At some point in everyone’s life it is naturally done. When going through this, a person could be cope better if you would think of how it would affect others. Try to look outside yourself for a moment. Try to think of sons without a father, or a cousin without a brother. Or again sons and a daughter without a father. This will help you grieve better inside the initial grief. This shows that you aren’t alone. In the wake of Friday’s carnage, there is the whole community involved. Let’s try to celebrate the delightful memories of those little ones. Let’s try not to focus on one aspect. Try not to judge, not to leave blame. Try to solve this growing (overwhelming) problem in America. Should the NRA be banned? Should there be an ammonition banned? Should Congress revamped the Amendent to bear arms? Have spoken on the subject countless times in previous blogs. Don’t really know the answer. Though something, anything needs to be done. The status quo isn’t enough. Ignoring it isn’t enough, sweeping it under the rug won’t fly either. Let’s go to the core of  this, and nip it away.

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