“A Ploy”

A ploy is defined as a cunning maneuver to gain advantage.A maneuver planned and controlled movement or series of moves. This word could be used for good and also evil. The human brain is very intricate. Very little is known about this organ yet more in recent years as it has been researched extensively. The way a person thinks is actually a mystery and will always be that b/c it is and should be a private matter. No two people think the same and rightfully so. Have posted articles of interest in the past on facebook. Not anymore. Don’t see the reason for it. Just takes up space. Instead will put those in my favourites, or mention it in a blog. Facebook is irritating b/c it involves issues. People for or against something and then the utterly absurb comments. Will surely post less and less of them and make it meaningful. There is a innovative programme in Seattle which should come full circle and go throughout the country. This programmme is an alternative to jail. It is for junkies and dealers of drugs. It was started by a prosecutor, formally a dealer and before that a junkie. It is called “Leaders”. To my way of thinking issues shouldn’t be ignored, or swept under the rug. If that happens it just festers, overpowers and becomes overgrown. It should be dealt with rationally. Chris Christie, governor of N.J. had his say about the Speaker of the House. Spoke with eloquence, intelligence and with that to the point of careness. The House passed the 9.6 etc. bill. Now it goes to the Senate. In a package such as this or any package with monumental attachments. There is always something else with it. Just like Haleberton the US contractors in Iraq, there is another US contracting company attached to the war in Afghanistan. Why is that? Wherever there is a war there is a US contractor company making trillions. That shouldn’t be yet in reality it is. This time this company and reconstructing the country with the help of the Taliban. Yes you read it correctly. The same organisation that were killers, have turned around to be not that. Since when and at what cost? On a health note, tomato sulsa with the brand name of sabra does wonders for sinuses. It is tangy and tasty with a hint of spice. Is this a recommendation or a ad? It is both. Still decluttering items which others may enjoy. Christmas was a joy. Went to Andre’s agent’s wife family nearby. On Christmas Eve Andre made a feast of Rigatoni, with Pesto sauce. Then just recently he made some lobster with butter. Tasty. What more would make someone happy to have dear friends, family and health.

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