“Gander Up”

A mixed bag to start the month and now the same to end it. How quaint is that! Just Because Something Is Accepted Never Makes It Right! Emotions are within a person for only good reasons. To individualise and instill a uniqueness. Each of us aren’t the same. What strikes one person, another pays no attention. Some have within them to withstand setbacks. Another gives into things. Yet that same person has qualities unlike the former person. No human being is perfect because that is the meaning of human. When men and women come home from war, especially those who have let others into battle and sadly have lost them. Guilt is the emotion. And a deep seeded guilt which is nearly impossible to have. If a secret service man whose job is to protect the President and fails to do that. Guilt rises again. If a father comes into danger and therefore his family is taken, then guilt raises its ugly head. Parents may put guilt into children. Alcohol comes into play as a medication. It can be used for various reasons. This of course is misusing it. Think for yourself. Answer to only yourself. Only you are the best judge. For educational purposes. If the President and Vice President are unable to serve, the third in line is the Speaker of the House. The forth in line is the Pro-Temp of the House. The fifth in line is the Secretary of State. Then each Cabinet posts. Interesting. Now how many people know that bit of information?

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