“Winter Blues”

Well in the first place why in the world is it so-called the blues? Why isn’t it called another colour? Never figured that out. Anyway, the long cold winter is here, with one storm after another. Actually every few days, there is snow, then a combination of everything inbetween. Never like cabin fever b/c the weather doesn’t really deter me from doing things that I want to do. Been speaking on the phone to some friends, about an event that happened years ago. Asked the friends if they were in contact with Ann Elder, Beth Persley, Ruth Ann Smith. Both the friends Mary and Ruthie knew these girls while they attended the same h.s.in indianapolis. These girls along with three boys were coming home from a junior or senior prom. All were involved in a horrible accident. Ann was thrown from the car and then and now still paralysed from the waist down. Beth was thrown against the windshield of the car and came to school with a different nose that you couldn’t even recognise her. I looked at her and it was pointed up with her nostrils showing. Then Ruth Ann was sitting between two boys in the back seat. However she wasn’t hurt at all. No one mentioned what had occurred to the other boys either. No one ever mentioned how it happened. No one even said the word drinking and driving were ever connected. This occurred in the 1960’s when the Beattles were at their prime. I often thought about that and now years later I have put it into print. Now to another topic. Saw an article in the nypost entitled”Kerry’s pointless tour” I commented my views about what I had thought. Apparently it didn’t connect for some reason so I directed those comments to the paper itself and I got a feedback on facebook on it. Amir Taheri was the columnist and wrote an unfair article. I told the paper just that. Listening is a major part of leading. Mr Kerry has the quality to lead and listen at the same time. Despite the countless books this columnist has written would never be a one to choose in my book. Speaking of authors. Just got” The Christmas Kid and other Brooklyn stories” by Pete Hamill. Andre picked it up from Half Price yesterday. Am enjoying it and well into it. Got it for $13.99. B&N were charging $25.00 in the store and $14.00 online. I phoned them and vehemently debated it. I guess persistance is the key. All bulls should know that! I for one!

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