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“A Derivation”

March 24, 2013

A new day, a start of another week and sunshine along with it. Couldn’t ask for anything more than that! Up early too, and found a forward email that was delightful. The derivation of words are very interesting. You could most likely know from the prefixes, such as pre that denotes before: suffixes that come at the end of a word. Some of the two gives you a meaning before actually pronouncing the entire word itself. Example: sub meaning under. Ion or tion etectra comes at the end of words. Reservation: The Native American Indians are reserved on a reservation and piece of land or property. The re denotes again. Con sometimes means against, for instance conclave. There are too numerous to mention all. There is a Greek alphabet which begins with the word Alpha and ends with Omega. There are Roman numerals or symbols too. I =1 then add one more = 2 add another= 3 then IV = 4 V = 5 then X denotes 10 and another X and it is 20 add yet another and it becomes 30 then L = 50: put an X before that and it is 40: C denotes 100 and M = 1000. Was researching of info online. Originally after reading an article about Pope Francis 1 was to how to find the more priests to fill the void. There were several Anglicans converted to RC priests. So thinking of more and of which faiths that would be suitable. Went on wikipedia and began reseaching. Read about the Amish which are in 28 states. Sell clothing, furniture, foods. Was on the Nat.Geo.Society site learning and retaining about them. It is ironic that they refuse all modern conveniences however they are favored on Facebook. Kind of a contradiction. Then there are the Menonites. The Amish have fallen away from these, however they are both called Anabaptists. Ana= again So they are re-baptised. Then was reading about the Jehovah Witnesses and the Kingdom Hall. A statement is worth noting. When I lived in Ala., there was a Kingdom Hall across the street from my apt., and a mosque nearly a stones throw on the same side. The Indians from of course India, would worship there. Both Hindus and Moslems practising Islam peacefully. If for instance a person doesn’t understand something or for some reason misunderstands or refuses to learn that person says it is a cult. Cult-ure is a way of life. The way that something is a cult is if it consumes you and you are forced upon it without knowing it. Perhaps it is an insult to these individuals. So, in the future think before you speak. Respect others: there is a huge amount of knowledge that you may gain if only you listen.

“An Effort”

March 22, 2013

The winter seems to be hanging on for all it’s worth. A couple of days with bone chilling temps along with the wind hollowing. This doesn’t deter me at all from things that need to be accomplished. Actually selected a storage locker downstairs and put two cases of books, plus a small tv and other items into it. As Holy Week approaches there is now a New Leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He is Pope Francis 1 who is very different from the norm. He is from Argentina of Italian parents: has one lung after losing it after an infection while a young man. So indeed he has known suffering first hand. He wears a simple wooden cross instead of the papal one. He offered to pay for his hotel room while traveling. He is of humble beginnings. Had a meeting with several leaders of other faiths and urged them to keep in mind the poor and weak. He will celebrate a Mass in a youth jail on Palm Sunday. Has taken walks and greeted the persons surrounding him. In his opening statement, he humbly asked for a moment of silence from the huge crowd to please pray for him at this time for he knows the burden he has to change the church for the better. He is the type to listen and therefore heed the concerns of his followers. For these concerns are foremost and monumental. First, the shortage of priests: there have been Catholic priests who are formally of the Anglican faith who now may be necessary to fill the void. Just maybe others will come to serve. There is a question of women priests too. Then there is the question of the sex scandal: will those involved ever be prosecuted? Perhaps not, b/c of the length of time. However, Pope Francis 1 will have to make a decision or say something relevant in the future. Then there is the question of the fallen away Catholics who have been disolutioned in the practice of the Catholic Church. That doesn’t mean that these individuals aren’t able and willing to return by any means of the imagination. This particular Pope unlike others before him will try to establish a church for the poor. That will be an excellent idea, simply b/c in the past churches are more interested in money perse instead of how much a person is able to afford. I might add before closing, that the previous statement became personal. My son, Andre was baptised downtown Cincy by the Archbishop b/c the nearest church wouldn’t do this b/c the priest said”that we didn’t go to St. Veronica’s on the regular basis. So in that matter it all boiled down to the almighty dollar. Now I might add still that not all priests are that heartless. While I am on the subject of baptisms,the priest that married us also baptized my son Ian. So priests are of different personalities. Afterall they are human. Again I might say that there have been jokes upon jokes on this subject of selecting a Pope. It is all in bad taste. There should be line that isn’t crossed.

“Hope Among The Ruins”

March 9, 2013

Seems like it is a upside down topsyturvy in the weather department. Oh well,whatya gonna do! Deal with it! Spring is coming soon enough! Turning clocks ahead one hour at 2am is signing better days to come. Now there is hope among the ruins in the state of New Jersey. Always knew as far back when I was a child, cities been planted in mind for one reason or another. I guess just the way the word sounded as pleasantly rather than harsh. Like Racine, Wi.or this city also. This city is completely ignored. It is the poorest city in the U.S. There are 77,000 people that incompases this city. Surely this city hasn’t been like this forever. Don’t really know for sure when the economic downturn spiral happened as the what year. There are always cities time after time again that you know because of the surrounding cities or the adjacent states that they are expected to be that way,like the south for instance. Guess the reputation comes before that statement. The children don’t go outside to have activities. This city is definitely not Chicago. It isn’t Southeast Los Angelos. Sure those cities try to make it better for their communities. My statement is yes they try. Yet isn’t good enough. Try harder is what is stressed. Don’t give excuses as to why this is or isn’t:in other words play the blame game. These children congregrate in a steel water tower each day that is safe from the occurrences in the outside world. Each and every day of the entire year without a break inbetween, they practise a dance routine. They are members of a well known dance ensemble related to a school.The teacher enhances in her students behavior and discipline. As a result her students go on to high school and to college. Most if all parents are of one bringing up their children. Their excuse is never to leave the city and let someone else be there to see it tumble down to nothing. They want to be in front to see their city turn around and be better than it is presently. And it will someday. Moreso sooner than others think.And it will because of the simple fact that it is New Jersey!


March 7, 2013

As the endless snow graces the surface of the ground, it seems that it will be here forever, along with the cold and where in the world is spring! Oh it is suppose to be only weeks away. The same storm that hit us is now blanketing the East Coast. While we as Americans are warm in our homes of comfort( while never all):it is good to appreciate this freedom. As in all wars that the US have been involved most have been fought for a good cause. The United Nations have done an excellent job in securing peace throughout the world. Each time that the soldiers have gone home, there have been peacekeepers to watch. They are in most every country that the US have rightfully fought. Now there have been 20 soldiers taken by the Syrian rebells. Just recently Secretary of State Kerry has said the US will support the rebells against the current dictator of Syria. An article that was posted in the NYTimes said it was unclear as to the reason of the capture. Diplomacy is very difficult and also very complicated. There will be many questions in the coming days and there is a hope that these individuals will be safe and not forgotten. This incident happen in Golan Heights at the border of Israel and Syria. There was a map drawn pertaining to the location. It viewed Lebanon to the north, Jordan to the south. Regardless of what occurred, lets deals with the prospect of having a meaningful outcome. Let’s too keep in mind that time is of the essence. Use it wisely. I might add that while starting this blog, it took three tries. I guess that is a charm.


March 2, 2013

With snow still lingering on the ground and somewhat warmer temps,just counting the days till Spring. It will be great not to think of cold and dressing in layers. This title doesn’t mean to brainwash or to propagandise in any form of the imagination. This topic isn’t to have any negativity either. It’s to instruct teach and discipline although that last word comes from within a person. Just as if someone would have character. Finished a book called” Christmas Kid and other Brooklyn stories” by Pete Hamill. So very interesting,entertaining and highly recommended. Saw Nightline tonight and normally it is a fine uplifting programme however tonight a segment was disturbing. It focused on a porn star no less. This young individual had an expensive car and other amenities. Surprisingly he had all ages of women swooning over him. Acting like he was someone special. Saw the movie “Boogie Nights” which was awfully done. It was placed earlier in the last century. His followings were underaged children, meaning way under the age of 18, and some were as young a 10 years of age. He had fans, if you would call it that. What kind of mortality or decency does the US have in their own eyes, moreso to the rest of the world? Surely these parents or even grandparents are very unaware of what these children are doing or for that matter care. Is the US so void of religion? Or is there to much of it, or in an extreme way? Is there a question of self esteem? A person has the human right to achieve all that is fine with them. To take responsibility for their actions. And these actions aren’t responsible. If the supply wasn’t there then there wouldn’t be any demand. And vice versa. Moreso shouldn’t there be a law against this stuff? Or isn’t the law being enforced? Then I saw Katie Couric yesterday. She had her programme dedicated to text codes on mobile phones which are used by children. Certain letters were initially to stand for certain words. This is the digital age.