With snow still lingering on the ground and somewhat warmer temps,just counting the days till Spring. It will be great not to think of cold and dressing in layers. This title doesn’t mean to brainwash or to propagandise in any form of the imagination. This topic isn’t to have any negativity either. It’s to instruct teach and discipline although that last word comes from within a person. Just as if someone would have character. Finished a book called” Christmas Kid and other Brooklyn stories” by Pete Hamill. So very interesting,entertaining and highly recommended. Saw Nightline tonight and normally it is a fine uplifting programme however tonight a segment was disturbing. It focused on a porn star no less. This young individual had an expensive car and other amenities. Surprisingly he had all ages of women swooning over him. Acting like he was someone special. Saw the movie “Boogie Nights” which was awfully done. It was placed earlier in the last century. His followings were underaged children, meaning way under the age of 18, and some were as young a 10 years of age. He had fans, if you would call it that. What kind of mortality or decency does the US have in their own eyes, moreso to the rest of the world? Surely these parents or even grandparents are very unaware of what these children are doing or for that matter care. Is the US so void of religion? Or is there to much of it, or in an extreme way? Is there a question of self esteem? A person has the human right to achieve all that is fine with them. To take responsibility for their actions. And these actions aren’t responsible. If the supply wasn’t there then there wouldn’t be any demand. And vice versa. Moreso shouldn’t there be a law against this stuff? Or isn’t the law being enforced? Then I saw Katie Couric yesterday. She had her programme dedicated to text codes on mobile phones which are used by children. Certain letters were initially to stand for certain words. This is the digital age.

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