“An Effort”

The winter seems to be hanging on for all it’s worth. A couple of days with bone chilling temps along with the wind hollowing. This doesn’t deter me at all from things that need to be accomplished. Actually selected a storage locker downstairs and put two cases of books, plus a small tv and other items into it. As Holy Week approaches there is now a New Leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He is Pope Francis 1 who is very different from the norm. He is from Argentina of Italian parents: has one lung after losing it after an infection while a young man. So indeed he has known suffering first hand. He wears a simple wooden cross instead of the papal one. He offered to pay for his hotel room while traveling. He is of humble beginnings. Had a meeting with several leaders of other faiths and urged them to keep in mind the poor and weak. He will celebrate a Mass in a youth jail on Palm Sunday. Has taken walks and greeted the persons surrounding him. In his opening statement, he humbly asked for a moment of silence from the huge crowd to please pray for him at this time for he knows the burden he has to change the church for the better. He is the type to listen and therefore heed the concerns of his followers. For these concerns are foremost and monumental. First, the shortage of priests: there have been Catholic priests who are formally of the Anglican faith who now may be necessary to fill the void. Just maybe others will come to serve. There is a question of women priests too. Then there is the question of the sex scandal: will those involved ever be prosecuted? Perhaps not, b/c of the length of time. However, Pope Francis 1 will have to make a decision or say something relevant in the future. Then there is the question of the fallen away Catholics who have been disolutioned in the practice of the Catholic Church. That doesn’t mean that these individuals aren’t able and willing to return by any means of the imagination. This particular Pope unlike others before him will try to establish a church for the poor. That will be an excellent idea, simply b/c in the past churches are more interested in money perse instead of how much a person is able to afford. I might add before closing, that the previous statement became personal. My son, Andre was baptised downtown Cincy by the Archbishop b/c the nearest church wouldn’t do this b/c the priest said”that we didn’t go to St. Veronica’s on the regular basis. So in that matter it all boiled down to the almighty dollar. Now I might add still that not all priests are that heartless. While I am on the subject of baptisms,the priest that married us also baptized my son Ian. So priests are of different personalities. Afterall they are human. Again I might say that there have been jokes upon jokes on this subject of selecting a Pope. It is all in bad taste. There should be line that isn’t crossed.

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