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“A Rush To Judgement”

April 26, 2013

With beautiful days ahead, it is a sense of adventure each day. There are many breaking stories that seem on the surface to be newsworthy and worth reporting at the time. However one should keep in mind not to have a rush to judgement. This happens when reporters are so anxious to have the story reported on the spot. There are mistakes at every given moment so it is important to care more about what is at hand instead of pressures from bosses or fellow mates engaging in the same line of work. The Central Park Five is a fine example of poor reporting, and extremely poor resources. Then years down the road when the damage was done, only one person admitted to the crime.The legality is still on going. Needless to say, the wasted lives of the CPF can never be replaced much less forgotten. Now just recently b/c of amateur internet sleuths( amateur detectives) notice a young man with a backpack in the midst of just walking in the vicinity of where the Boston Marathon bombing had occurred. This young man Sunil Tripathi(nickname Sunny) was a Brown University student. He had siblings Ravi and sister Sangeeta. This BU student was wrongfully accused of the bombing. On March 16th his brother and sister combed the area b/c the student was missing. Just the other day he was found in the Providence River. Forensis dental exam confirmed his identity. How awfully tragic this event is. This student was born in R.I. Lived and carried on as a philosophy student. Was very well liked by many. Keep in mind when reading anything namely of value that it isn’t true. Critique everything you read first. This is including news sources. Then take items with a grain of salt. Then perhaps you’ll be on the safe side. That last statement will be a tag.

“Posts And Tags”

April 24, 2013

Hard to believe that I am blogging again so soon. Simply b/c I feel the new format to both wordpress and facebook is still fine however with a bit of a change with it. Changes with everything is first easier once you are aware of it. Again there is a hot cup of tea nearby. One might think it is a traditional way, as well as a habit. Taken a break from the news lately. Just to much breaking news to absorbed since last weeks incidences. Nice once in a while to view in the way of comedies to give the brain a rest from all the seriousness taken place. The government or fbi could take a glance from the reports in 2011 which were made of the first deceased bombing suspect and the brother of the suspect now held. There will be countless statements, in articles about what could or should have happened. In reality what occurred was unspeakable and ultimately tragic. Each person from a celeb{who just wants to hear themselves utter words} and unfortunately others will take the time to listen to them. Really don’t know why. From the hosts of late night tv will give there two cents worth too. Then of course there will be a realm of tasteless jokes about what had occurred or the perps too. Ignorance is bliss.

“Combatting And Fixing”

April 23, 2013

Shades of Spring are finally underway. Warmer in the daytime. How pleasanter now. Drinking a hot cup of tea while doing this and using a new cup. How calming. Although sinuses are still acting up. So what else is new. Still reading the same book, halfway through it. Combatting and fixing is an ongoing process in the fact that it is a far better positive way to guns and violence in the US. It could be the answer to gangs too. There are pressure points in each human body that if slightly pressed could simply bring down any person regardless of height,size and weight, male or female. It would be an excellent idea if anyone chooses to partake in lessons to instruct someone to do this. It is far better than going to a shooting range, or go hunting for sport and far more less dangerous. It is a very sensible way to spend time and logical way as well. My son Andre got his computer, a Toshiba along with added features. He is thrilled with it. He can record music on it as well. He recorded a new ringtone yesterday on my mobile phone and I played it again today. He will do this again with the amp so it will become clearer without background noise. That’s all for the moment! Onward and upward! Oh there is something wrong with posting tags. Actually don’t really know so might as well say now. It is simply Martial Arts!


April 18, 2013

Rain, Rain Rain and so it goes! More than a deluge to come. This is Spring! It bring beautifully looking flowers. There is a silver lining to it all. It really doesn’t deter me from doing what needs to be done: in fact it is really enjoying to walk in it. The timing of events are essential. My son Andre, finally got his guitar( an electric acoustic)and I so enjoy hearing his playing it. He is quite good and plays a variety of tunes. He is also getting a laptop from my brother, Greg. How nice of him. Andre will go to Staples on Friday to get it. It is mainly for his writing. Just finished the book ” Between a Rock and a Hard Place” So good. Now I’ve started “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer. It relates to the movie by the same name. Very good. Signed another lease here for another year too. Things are going well for the most part. Besides “Nothings Perfect” which is another tune my son plays and originally done by himself. Such talent. Whenever you are in a jam, timing is crucial. Happiness at its best is shared.

“A Bad Taste”

April 5, 2013

Spring is here chronologically calender-wise. There are patches of left over snow cemented on the surface of the ground, which will soon disappear. However from this angle looks like it is grounded to the surface at the most unlikely spots. The sun is shining which makes the temps. likely to rise somewhat. Now the question is if that’s if we don’t have any more snow, everyone will be happier simply for the reason that each person is sick of it. Been reading articles online that brings a serious question or doubt about the judicial system in this country. Seems that this particular system is best by any means in comparison to other countries of the world. However there are questions about it. Meaning, instead of judges, both federal and states should be appointed in the place of voted upon in general elections. These jobs should be solely on merit, in lieu of having them come up each or a couple of years politically. The prison system should have in the future be revamped entirely. There is a serious problem within the prison system in the fact that there are gangs within them. Not street gangs but political or for whatsoever should the word be called. Aryan gangs! That word within itself brings fright to the minds of the citizenry. These people have a stronghold on certain prisons. Why do these people have to exist within the prisons. Don’t the guards or the prison officials who have some or a slight inkling as to what is going on, or are the officers aware of it? If not they definitely should be. Now to another serious problem in the prison. Why would someone who is a known criminal to the uttermost degree be there to simply have controllability over events happening from both the inside and outside of prisons? Why does this happen or why is it allowing to exist in the first place? A third question comes to mind in the same vane. Why do people listen and have their entire lives controlled from known criminals who have been convicted of a crime and therefore sitting in prisons give two cents as to what they say! What is wrong with the minds of these individuals. There is a prisoner who is Warren Jeffers. Now let’s get this straight not simply giving notification of this slimeball by giving recognition in name only. There should be a law against listening to these people or having a law enforced against this. It is dead wrong! What would it fall under in order for this to cease. At last this is put into intrepid thoughts.