“A Bad Taste”

Spring is here chronologically calender-wise. There are patches of left over snow cemented on the surface of the ground, which will soon disappear. However from this angle looks like it is grounded to the surface at the most unlikely spots. The sun is shining which makes the temps. likely to rise somewhat. Now the question is if that’s if we don’t have any more snow, everyone will be happier simply for the reason that each person is sick of it. Been reading articles online that brings a serious question or doubt about the judicial system in this country. Seems that this particular system is best by any means in comparison to other countries of the world. However there are questions about it. Meaning, instead of judges, both federal and states should be appointed in the place of voted upon in general elections. These jobs should be solely on merit, in lieu of having them come up each or a couple of years politically. The prison system should have in the future be revamped entirely. There is a serious problem within the prison system in the fact that there are gangs within them. Not street gangs but political or for whatsoever should the word be called. Aryan gangs! That word within itself brings fright to the minds of the citizenry. These people have a stronghold on certain prisons. Why do these people have to exist within the prisons. Don’t the guards or the prison officials who have some or a slight inkling as to what is going on, or are the officers aware of it? If not they definitely should be. Now to another serious problem in the prison. Why would someone who is a known criminal to the uttermost degree be there to simply have controllability over events happening from both the inside and outside of prisons? Why does this happen or why is it allowing to exist in the first place? A third question comes to mind in the same vane. Why do people listen and have their entire lives controlled from known criminals who have been convicted of a crime and therefore sitting in prisons give two cents as to what they say! What is wrong with the minds of these individuals. There is a prisoner who is Warren Jeffers. Now let’s get this straight not simply giving notification of this slimeball by giving recognition in name only. There should be a law against listening to these people or having a law enforced against this. It is dead wrong! What would it fall under in order for this to cease. At last this is put into intrepid thoughts.

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