“Combatting And Fixing”

Shades of Spring are finally underway. Warmer in the daytime. How pleasanter now. Drinking a hot cup of tea while doing this and using a new cup. How calming. Although sinuses are still acting up. So what else is new. Still reading the same book, halfway through it. Combatting and fixing is an ongoing process in the fact that it is a far better positive way to guns and violence in the US. It could be the answer to gangs too. There are pressure points in each human body that if slightly pressed could simply bring down any person regardless of height,size and weight, male or female. It would be an excellent idea if anyone chooses to partake in lessons to instruct someone to do this. It is far better than going to a shooting range, or go hunting for sport and far more less dangerous. It is a very sensible way to spend time and logical way as well. My son Andre got his computer, a Toshiba along with added features. He is thrilled with it. He can record music on it as well. He recorded a new ringtone yesterday on my mobile phone and I played it again today. He will do this again with the amp so it will become clearer without background noise. That’s all for the moment! Onward and upward! Oh there is something wrong with posting tags. Actually don’t really know so might as well say now. It is simply Martial Arts!

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