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Hard to believe that I am blogging again so soon. Simply b/c I feel the new format to both wordpress and facebook is still fine however with a bit of a change with it. Changes with everything is first easier once you are aware of it. Again there is a hot cup of tea nearby. One might think it is a traditional way, as well as a habit. Taken a break from the news lately. Just to much breaking news to absorbed since last weeks incidences. Nice once in a while to view in the way of comedies to give the brain a rest from all the seriousness taken place. The government or fbi could take a glance from the reports in 2011 which were made of the first deceased bombing suspect and the brother of the suspect now held. There will be countless statements, in articles about what could or should have happened. In reality what occurred was unspeakable and ultimately tragic. Each person from a celeb{who just wants to hear themselves utter words} and unfortunately others will take the time to listen to them. Really don’t know why. From the hosts of late night tv will give there two cents worth too. Then of course there will be a realm of tasteless jokes about what had occurred or the perps too. Ignorance is bliss.

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