“A Rush To Judgement”

With beautiful days ahead, it is a sense of adventure each day. There are many breaking stories that seem on the surface to be newsworthy and worth reporting at the time. However one should keep in mind not to have a rush to judgement. This happens when reporters are so anxious to have the story reported on the spot. There are mistakes at every given moment so it is important to care more about what is at hand instead of pressures from bosses or fellow mates engaging in the same line of work. The Central Park Five is a fine example of poor reporting, and extremely poor resources. Then years down the road when the damage was done, only one person admitted to the crime.The legality is still on going. Needless to say, the wasted lives of the CPF can never be replaced much less forgotten. Now just recently b/c of amateur internet sleuths( amateur detectives) notice a young man with a backpack in the midst of just walking in the vicinity of where the Boston Marathon bombing had occurred. This young man Sunil Tripathi(nickname Sunny) was a Brown University student. He had siblings Ravi and sister Sangeeta. This BU student was wrongfully accused of the bombing. On March 16th his brother and sister combed the area b/c the student was missing. Just the other day he was found in the Providence River. Forensis dental exam confirmed his identity. How awfully tragic this event is. This student was born in R.I. Lived and carried on as a philosophy student. Was very well liked by many. Keep in mind when reading anything namely of value that it isn’t true. Critique everything you read first. This is including news sources. Then take items with a grain of salt. Then perhaps you’ll be on the safe side. That last statement will be a tag.

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