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“All About:DoubleTwo”

May 29, 2013

With nearly the coming of the end of a perfect month, and thunderstorms bracing each day, it is good time to quietly reflect. Just finished a fabulous written book”Why Sinatra Matters” by Pete Hamill. Living each day you really know what is important and other things can be left by the wasteside. Health is more and has been vital at each passing age you are. Friends are wonderful too at any time of life. You are stuck with family, but you choose friends. In rare cases family at some point may become friends too. When someone has unfortunate events happen, it never ends. The Almightly Dollar becomes a factor. If a person is broke, it’s not an issue. There are ways it can be handled. If you happen to go to the grocery store you have the habit of going for store brands. You count meals of how much each is, as you never go hungry. You make lists of items beforehand. You have the habit not using condiments. You experiment with food when you run out of a certain item, and sometimes discouver that you have chosen something new and it winds up to be good and you will add it again in the future. This in itself could be life changing and of course be better for you in a health sense. You find different ways of economising in the long run. You find things to occupy yourself with during the day that is unique to yourself. Instead of eating 3 times or more a day, you find you are eating twice a day, which is always in the morning that will be healthier. You feel better physically,mentally also. Throughout your life, you become systematically organised.

“All About:Thrice”

May 24, 2013

With much cooler temps for just a short while, feels like still spring. Am up at 5am. No rhyme or reason just am. Perhaps will crash later, most probably will. Within every human there is an intuitively sense of good, perhaps when they are born. Then for some reason, even infants have the sense of observing sensing what and who are around them. The sounds of voices, someone’s touch, the feeling of warmth and cold. Their intelligence is farmore advance then others will give them credit. It is just when the infant becomes a toddler and so on that they mimic the mannerisms of others. The repetive way of teaching comes into play. With all that is in print, all that is broadcast, a person becomes a little cynical. A sense of what is right and wrong, not merely for religious purposes,just because it is. This isn’t for the reason that a person will be caught, getting a ticket for some offense either. How many of us will be doing something that is out of the ordinary when others have turned away? Just because a person isn’t looking directly at them. There will be a myriad of times. Am reading “Why Sinatra Matters” by Pete Hamill. Fasinatingly marvelous as all his books are. So individualistic! Have gotten a casio calculator, “A Couple Of Blaguards” by the McCourt brothers, a NYR slouch hat and waiting and another NYR hat.

“All About:Secondary”

May 21, 2013

With warm and cold air colliding there are many tornadoes, hurricanes and the like as I am too familiar with, and lived through them. In conversations with others it is often to chatter on without the other person having their say. It is a tendency that I have tried to avoid. I realise it after the fact when all is said and done, and feel guilty for it. However when the next opportunity comes what do I do, the same thing. Maybe it is feeling more comfortable with the person or maybe it is trying to get my point across, or maybe for lack of a better word feeling insecure in the intelligent dept. Honestly I really don’t know what and why that is. When I came home for ten minutes, checked my messages. Heard that my sister called and half heard it, then when I came home for the evening, heard the message paid closer attention to it. She had thanked me for a couple of rings I sent her. She sent me a chain with a cross attached, a birthday gift with a card. So I intern had a couple of rings and wondering who to give them to, and for some unknown reason she came to mind. I took a piece of paper and hand written:With sisterly love;In appreciation. Was surprised she like them. Then before that, got a dragonfly with three orange pieces of paper. It was with a suction cup attached to it wrapped it plastic. Was asked not to use the suction cup. There was a strong string with it. Being my independent self, I took the dragonfly apart. Then put the whole piece of handmade jewelry and held it on the refrigerater by the suction cup. He had a hammer and was going to hang it from the window. So guess what that never happened. The dragonfly fell on the floor. Thought he would be angry, so I found the strong string and with some other items put it around my neck and said. Oh Look Nice! Later he said” He was in awe of the whole thing. Not angry. It turned out well.

“All About”

May 17, 2013

Just before turning another year, it is so good to observe natural habitat. Saw more than several small wild rabbits in the environs. At each time they were always in twos and not far apart from one another. They were just enjoying a blade of grass. They would have it protruding from their mouths one second and within another second it would disappear. Took a picture of two mallards that all of a sudden appeared on the near sidewalk. This happened a while ago. Recently within this month, went downstairs to retrieve my answering machine and attachment. Spent the entire day hooking it up to the phone. Then the internet went out meaning the modem. The knack with me is if I keep calm and think about it, then it will work itself out. This is instead of getting flustered. Of course it does elude me as it does for anyone however just to stay calm and not be overconfident. Was surprised that I could figure it out without aid from anyone. Am recording a couple of tv shows for Andre.That too was easy. Got a gift card for $100.00 from Ian. It is a gift for Mother’s Day and my birthday combined. It is from Amazon. Just ordered “A Couple of Blaguards” by Frank and Malachy McCourt. Also ordered a New York Rangers hockey hat. Got a confirmation this evening. Today is Susan Jecko’s birthday and yesterday was Mike’s and Susan’s Anniversary. Finished a book”Into Thin Air” by Jon Kaukauer. It was very enlightening, harrowing, worthwhile,appreciative and most of all highly recommended. Intend to sell that one along with a number of others. Main purpose is that it is important to share what you have bringing an intangible joy to those who want to take part in it.


May 16, 2013

With sunshine abound, breezes glore, what a month thusfar. Let’s backtract. Got a necklace maybe three years or more. The chain broke. So therefore kept the piece of jewelry and trashed the chain. Had some ying-yang earrings, some light blue dolphin earrings,some pink and white cameo earrings. A myriad of remnants were sitting in my jewelry box. Put some items in my purse intending to go to get chains for them. Did it and came to the conclusion that getting individual chains wouldn’t be worth it on both counts, time and expense. My birthday was just around the corner so I abided my time. Had a strong piece of sting not exactly but it was lighter and thiner. I put a collection of items around my neck and felt over time that it would be uncomfortable. I’ve had this one chain from time in momorial. I put items that would go through.The items that wouldn’t this is where ingenuity comes into play. I disassembled the string. Tried to make a clasp so it would go through my chain. It wouldn’t so I took some of those bd earrings and tried to make a clasp from the wire. It worked for not even a minute.Took the bd earrings as to what was left of it and twisted the wire around so it would go on my chain. I had a key ring and put the ying-yang along with the piece of jewelry from N.Z that is very common there. All in all it ended well. In the process broke or better yet tore part of my fingernail. No pain no gain.