With sunshine abound, breezes glore, what a month thusfar. Let’s backtract. Got a necklace maybe three years or more. The chain broke. So therefore kept the piece of jewelry and trashed the chain. Had some ying-yang earrings, some light blue dolphin earrings,some pink and white cameo earrings. A myriad of remnants were sitting in my jewelry box. Put some items in my purse intending to go to get chains for them. Did it and came to the conclusion that getting individual chains wouldn’t be worth it on both counts, time and expense. My birthday was just around the corner so I abided my time. Had a strong piece of sting not exactly but it was lighter and thiner. I put a collection of items around my neck and felt over time that it would be uncomfortable. I’ve had this one chain from time in momorial. I put items that would go through.The items that wouldn’t this is where ingenuity comes into play. I disassembled the string. Tried to make a clasp so it would go through my chain. It wouldn’t so I took some of those bd earrings and tried to make a clasp from the wire. It worked for not even a minute.Took the bd earrings as to what was left of it and twisted the wire around so it would go on my chain. I had a key ring and put the ying-yang along with the piece of jewelry from N.Z that is very common there. All in all it ended well. In the process broke or better yet tore part of my fingernail. No pain no gain.

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