“All About”

Just before turning another year, it is so good to observe natural habitat. Saw more than several small wild rabbits in the environs. At each time they were always in twos and not far apart from one another. They were just enjoying a blade of grass. They would have it protruding from their mouths one second and within another second it would disappear. Took a picture of two mallards that all of a sudden appeared on the near sidewalk. This happened a while ago. Recently within this month, went downstairs to retrieve my answering machine and attachment. Spent the entire day hooking it up to the phone. Then the internet went out meaning the modem. The knack with me is if I keep calm and think about it, then it will work itself out. This is instead of getting flustered. Of course it does elude me as it does for anyone however just to stay calm and not be overconfident. Was surprised that I could figure it out without aid from anyone. Am recording a couple of tv shows for Andre.That too was easy. Got a gift card for $100.00 from Ian. It is a gift for Mother’s Day and my birthday combined. It is from Amazon. Just ordered “A Couple of Blaguards” by Frank and Malachy McCourt. Also ordered a New York Rangers hockey hat. Got a confirmation this evening. Today is Susan Jecko’s birthday and yesterday was Mike’s and Susan’s Anniversary. Finished a book”Into Thin Air” by Jon Kaukauer. It was very enlightening, harrowing, worthwhile,appreciative and most of all highly recommended. Intend to sell that one along with a number of others. Main purpose is that it is important to share what you have bringing an intangible joy to those who want to take part in it.

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