“Nearly Broken”

On this cloudy, dreary day there is a whole lot of hope. Look at the alternative, for instance. Got most of my amazon birthday/ mother’s day gifts so far. Went through some books and sold them at half price recently. There is a documentary film ” The House I Live In” It was on pbs recently. Sadly it is true. The subject is nearly broken. Namely there are a few reasons. There is corruption, political favours. Let’s focus on the many first offenders. There are those who have done something and instead of spending jail time they are admitted to a first offenders programe. They aren’t out of the woods for any stretch of the imagination. Each month they must pay an certain amount of money and if they don’t they will be pick up by the cops. The system doesn’t give a rats care as to where the person gets the money, the system just wants it regardless. The person may question are to where this amount is going each month? The system doesn’t give any particular reason, could be any, as they just dream it up. There are times that a person has to show up and there case isn’t documented for hours. This is throughout the U.S., from the large cities, to small towns. Again sadly it is the poor who get the short end of the stick. And there are many of them regardless of race, ethnic, faith, or personal persuasion. The lawyers, prosecutors, defense, public,the judges/ all are in for the dollar. The whole bloody affair is a joke.

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