“Fly In The Ointment”

With allergy,pollen season upon us not a person is immune. One person is apt to be allergic to one thing or another and if they are lucky, it can be two or more. It doesn’t matter where you live either. You just deal with the situation and go on your merry way. It is a fine kettle of fish. Have been dealing with sinuses for the last or so month. It would be in May for a short period of days and it would clear up on its own. When cold season rolls around, I am prone to get head colds which is the same thing. No difference at all. Tell me that is the worst. The pressure above your eyes and underneath in your cheek bone comes at the same time. Along with your ears popping, while your nose feels like it is broken. The pressure is unbearable, it will drive you to drink. Your head feels like it is about to explode, yet for some reason it doesn’t and you wish it would so the pain would go away. This happens all at once. Oh did mention that your eyes are watering too: feels like you are sobbing, but naturally you aren’t. So that’s the way the cookie crumbles.To avoid medicines of all kinds, I would be better to take Halls lemon cough drops, which will do the same thing. Then, b/c the sinuses were prolonged this time around: went to purchase some cheap over the counter store brand sinus pills. Would take one of a two in the packet and the pain would subside. Discouvered too that honey was good and now I put it in tea and in coffee, which was suggested by my cousin, Sara. Also a friend recommended that to me before this bout. I phoned Dr. Shapiro in May, then said it was better. Then in June, the sinuses reinvented themselves from under a rock. This month it lasted a longer period of time. Discontinued taking the sinus medicine b/c it said on the box that stop if it lasted more than seven days. Might add to this that I was taking some cough medicine at interval times, b/c simply was running low on the capsules. This month made another appointment with Dr. Shapiro. There was a cancelation fortunately today. After the premise, he said it wasn’t sinuses at all. Thought to go to him b/c thought it would affect the right eye. The diagnosis was at a result of corneal laceration from cornea scar tissue. Have some prescribed ointment to put on the red part of the left eye, four times a day. Have to see him in week, if it does clear up:there will be other measures taken. That is fly in the ointment. There is now a question as to how to couver payments for prescriptions, hospital bills. There are so many in the same boat. One might say the majority of the U.S.population. When working for a living, a certain amount is taken out of each person’s paycheck each month. However the majority of these people say they can’t afford it to be taken so they go without it. There are fewer doctors to provide adequate care for patients. In some cases patients must travel a great distance just to see a primary physician. Sometimes it is in rural areas. Sometimes it is life and death situations that may end catastrophically. Unfortunately this is much to common in American society. The U.S. government isn’t a help in the least. There are too many useful, productive lives that simply go by the wayside and subsequently are forgotten. The country doesn’t give a rats care either. They look at it as a “so what”. The persons who are affected by it, have the attitude and rightfully so, as “Oh,Well,This country never will give a hell”.

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