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“Long Ago”

July 30, 2013

After posting the previous blog, noticed that the separation between the words were two spaces instead of one. Not a clue as to why however the contents were fine and that’s what matters. Now I will take that into account when scripting the future ones. Glad I noticed it now and I had observed it just after the posting. As now drinking coffee as I hear the last drops trickling into the coffee pot: its a nice cool morning. As the summer lingered, I would be going to HCA in Kensington: graduated from HCA in D.C. on Upton St. just near Dunbarton College. John had asked for the phone number during the dance and I gave it to him which was OL.iver 4-0649 which wasn’t the type now. He phone me on Friday to see if I would like to go on a picnic and then to meet his family at his house. Of course, I just immediately said” Sure I would”. My mother drove me to Gaithersburg. It was a very pleasant scenic drive. Lot of green fields, not like it is in later years all built up modernly with the monorail coming and going to D.C. twice a day, so I had read. After the picnic I was happy to meet his family. His father was a postman, his mother was a housewife and his sister, Judy was maybe two or three years younger than John, very cute and tomboyish. They lived on a small farm, although recall the spaciousness of the house with bay windows. John and I enjoyed walking especially up a rather small hill to be under a tree. It wasn’t a weepingwillow though. Maybe just another type with lots of branches and a bunch of leaves. We would stand under it and french kiss over and over again, and just see how many and how long it would take. We would spend each following Saturday and sometimes Sunday afternoons. We were content just holding hands. As the summer rolled into autumn and then winter came: the new year was upon us and it still was in high gear. We were juniors he just turning sixteen in January 20th and myself turning sixteen in May 15th. Then in early August my father said he had been transferred to Indpls, Ind. I thought to myself “What”, Why Now, Couldn’t it wait”. But now school was beginning the day after Labor Day. Surely I would miss going to my cousin’s house where just a block away they belonged to Edgemoor Country Club where my cousin Tim was a lifeguard and my Aunt Cora sold ice cream bars.


July 30, 2013

Ah,the songs of the fifties and the dances, the mash potatoes,jitterbug, the twist, the crocodile: don’t really recall that last one, however my son was taking a peak at the computer and automatically said” the crocodile” That is impressive that he would even know that as he was born in the mid-seventies. Ah teenage time full of fun adventure and exhilaration. One day a girl that I knew, Rita Fink said there was a dance at the school and her date was Mike Umstead. Rita asked me if I wanted to go. And of course in a very shy soft voice I said “Yes”. Thought to myself that it would be fun as I really loved to dance, especially the slow dances. Mike knew a fellow named John. I had never met him and it would be a ” blind date”. It would be a double date. Rita and Mike knew one another beforehand. I think my father took me to the dance then I came home with him. When I saw John, we introduced ourselves to one another. He was 6 foot 4 inches. His name was John Lawrence Gartner. He was 5 months older than me. He was dark and handsome. We danced as many slow dances as possible. He wasn’t a good dancer. There was a disc jockey that would spin the records. I lived in Bethesda and went to HCA and John lived in Gaithersburg went to Gonzaga in D.C. The dance must have lasted only three or four hours. I was so happy and so was he. Guess just looking into each other’s eyes, made it worthwhile. When I finally went to sleep that night in my own bed, I felt happy. Just looking forward to the summer and what it had in store.

“The Start”

July 27, 2013

Singing cockels and mussels alive,alive oh. The recipes of these two give many nutrients that fight off diseases. Sometimes cockels are replaced with soft-shelled crabs. Too bad that these aren’t found readily at restaurants and supermarkets in the U.S. They are consumed more in Europe, preferably in the Mediterranean countries. Dublin’s fair city,you’ll find girls as so pretty as Molly Malone. Long ago far away, which memory recollects only two days after my birthdate, there was a dance. I wore a beautiful light pink full dress. Reason why is that all of this is in my subconsious and of course forever stored. I just turned fifteen. Underneath the dress I wore hose which in those days were attached to a garter belt. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. The material was cotton and light. This was before pantyhose which that material was quite beyond expectation. So prefer a cotton material to that stretchy one. Would always like that in the winter. However I checked it out and it was only in dark colours. Like the lighter more feminine ones. Just maybe it would be fun to see what is in store in the future. And next to that my first period. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, must have been several times to change my kotex. Yes I wore those instead of tampax. Couldn’t have the feeling of having something go up me and then pulling it out. Regardless that you could swim so they said. A bunch of hype. This was maybe the second day of it. Stomach was in knots then, was bleeding heavily. Was normal the first few days. Saw a heavy gob of dark blood attached to a thin very short string. Actually wasn’t what you would call it, guess that will do for lack of a better word. There must be a word for that discription. All in all I felt very happy and was more concerned that I would spot my dress.

“Very Vivid”

July 17, 2013

The sultry summery days are in full swing. It would be wonderful to relax in ocean breezes with the wide open skies with a long island ice tea in hand, sipping it while savoring the cool liquid. Naturally it is great to wear jewelry however with 90 degrees or more it feels better having as little as possible. Drinking some ice water is wise, being coffee and tea dehydrates you. So the more refreshing water the better. Still keeping up with news events to my liking. Always you will find that some local reporters will glance at the other while reporting their portions. Really why do they do that! Each has an ear piece to inform them what is coming up next. Why don’t they look down at the next item. Just read of a elderly man who shot and killed a thirteen year old to teach him not to steal his guns. His mother watched in horror of his neighbor carrying out this act. This happened in Milwaukee. Nightline indicated that the U.S. has the heaviest amount of guns in the world: how easy it is to obtain illegally without background checks.This happens in private negotiations. When being a child I would watch cowboys and indians and thought that the guns were real. I would avoid going to the isle where masks for halloween were sold. Years ago there was a tele programme that was called “Manamal”. It was very frightening when the hawk would slowly change into another animal in extremely slow motion or back to the man.There were several of them featured. Having a very vivid imagination, I would simply turn away. It was scary and all of the above without going into it. There are many upcoming freaky shows in the autumn in the terms of meaningless entertaining the public. Another reason why the tele is a waste.

“Many More”

July 16, 2013

Make each moment count for something! That is a good motto. Since newspapers went out of vogue, each time you see an article online, regardless of what site it is: there is a space where you can share it with facebook or twitter. No longer can you keep your thoughts to yourself. As if you should share this or that with the world. There is absolutely not a sign of privacy. Have deleted that. Only share family photos with friends. Have also erased a good many friends which including relatives on the social site. Have noticed that blacks walk in twos or threes or more. Have always observed this criteria: although not since now have I’ve made my voice known. Wonder if there is a reason for this. Notice that whites don’t. Have always seen this just not until now have commented. While on that subject, have thought in the 50’s blacks have been viewed by whites as something lesser. Nothing can be further from the truth. Blacks are as equal as whites. The 60’s then the 70’s came the 80’s 90’s, the word changed from blacks to African Americans. Now those in Africa have a far different culture that America. These blacks haven’t the desire to even visit Africa or for that matter South Africa. If you asked a black where the continent was, the countries comprising the continent, or the capitals of any of those countries: surely none of them would give the correct response. Ok, let’s just say as a matter of fairness, a few. Have whites changed their names to Caucasions which in fact it is. The bottom line is that we are all human. Have been waiting for a card and cash from my sister. This is right about the second word. Have told her repetedly don’t send cash but it falls on deaf ears so I don’t say it anymore to her. She phoned me several times about it. Anyone shouldn’t do that, to give the temptations to immoral individuals. Yesterday, pulled my computer desk out from the wall, along with the chairs. Reconnected the speakers and they still don’t work. Reconnected the printer to the computer. Just have to get ink for it so my son Andre can print a copy of his book. Then reconnected the answering machine so the phone doesn’t have to ring a number of times. Have a caller id however needs new batteries and more things are worth doing than that. So two out of three isn’t bad. Finally got the At&t situation resolved. Earlier this week phoned five phone and internet companies. Tds has been partly bought out by At&t so it only serves in rural areas. Frontier is connected with Charter. T-Mobile doesn’t serve this vicinity. Vonage and Verizon doesn’t either. So phoned the tech support with At&t and got a person from Arkansas, he lived in Atlanta. He ran a speed test on the computer, my explaining that the memory is low and would it do any good. The test came out higher than usual. He mentions Uverse with At&t and that a rep. would give me the lowdown about it. She was surprisingly most helpful. Said I could get a geg for the pictures and another higher geg for the blogs or a flashdrive. So it turns out that on Saturday At&t will and put Uverse wires in place of these century old wires. Well that’s the size of it!

“Relief From The Heat”

July 13, 2013

What a time so far enjoying the summer. To have a liking for movies and particular ones is the best way to past the day constructively. Some fancy sports too. Swimming is an excellent way to obtain exercise while a relief from the heat. Oceans are great if you have one nearby. Lakes are good, if you take precautions and don’t swim in unguarded waters even if you are the best at what you do. A rule is never go alone which is common sense. Many have friends to take part too. In many states there are swimming holes and regardless of the depth it could and is quite dangerous. Unfortunately there are many more than they should be. There aren’t any guide lines or laws against this. At the most there actually should be. Even if you are with your mates it shouldn’t be allowed. There was an freak accident according to the mother of this young energetic, out-going, intelligent, likable person who went to this swimming hole about thirty feet deep and there was a land mine that killed him. It was apparently on his friend’s property. Of course the boy had permission beforehand. Now not a person knew that this device was at that depth below. This boy was in Pennsylvania and vacationing there. He was from Babylon, L.I. Read this article on the Newsday site. There are bays which seem very unclean and yet nothing is done to prevent others from going in it for just awhile. The looks of something would tell a person not a go further. Even for that matter, there are many pools across the nation that don’t have lifeguards or some volunteers if affordability for lifeguards is out of the question. Even the public pools are worse and is bad shape. Maybe the answer would have to come down to the individual taking part in it. However it would be advantageous to simply have laws against this or very stiff fines if anyone is caught. There should be signs, heavy gates to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Instead there is constant ignorance.


July 8, 2013

My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. Oh bring back my Bonnie to me. Bring…back, bring…back: Oh bring back my Bonnie to me. When Irish Eyes are smiling!Death is an extension of life. There are so many persons who have to exist through no fault of their own with damaged, incomplete,for the most part none at all. This is through injury, congential,or accidents. These participants wait in hospitals or at their homes. It seems like a lifetime of waiting. It could be a short or as long as a six month to a year of waiting. These brave ones will never have their chance in the sun. They die. Also they must be a match and then there is a fear of rejection and they must start the entire process over again. As death comes to all of us at one time there is the ultimate gift of life which is never unmatched immeasurable incomparable. It is really easy to do. On your id card you carry in your wallet there is a sticker which is of course free too. The dmv will ask you a simple question. All you have to answer is yes or no. There is a serious shortage of these too. Got my haircut at Supercuts the other day. It looks great! Got some summer shoes today and am wearing shorts now. So much more comfortable now. The air conditioner is on low with two fans going. Have only had six hours of rem sleep. Felt like summertime in the city. Back of the neck dirt and gritty!

Forty More And Counting”

July 5, 2013

With 460 blogs completed there and only forty more! These have been within a six year’s time in August of 2007! These too have been well orchestrated like a favourite piece of well thought out in a masterly fashion. The following forty mustn’t be a farrago. Now the question comes to mind as to what to script next. Just to mention that these have been on a very personal note: while speaking of that, Pope Francis will make Pope John XX111 a saint at the end of this month. He has already been canonised and there has been a miracle performed awaiting for approval. On a different topic,the Mandela family have been more than debatting over the three other children burials. Two of the Mandela’s family members have been at odds for a number of years apparently over selfish desires. This has been going on while Nelson Mandela has been on life-support after a lung infection. The guards outside his well secured room have kept the secrecy at bay. This icon has been on life-support for over a month or so. Now the courts are ordering the tubes out. Surely why did the courts take this long? And all boils down to money! If for instance a person is left on life-support for some unknown reason, everything is disconnected with a matter of days. Doctors weigh the odds in their decision and vote on it in a three day period and on the fourth day with a close member of the family saying yes everything is disconnected. That is the dignity of death. And life goes on in a peaceful manner. It is a true disgrace how this icon is being treated. My son Ian celebrated his birthday on the third, his being forty years of age. Sent a mushy motherly message to him. Just couldn’t resist! Had some wild rice with herbs with a dash of fresh salsa! So guess what! My stomach went banannas! My bowels were in an uproat! New Yorkers say “Don’t get your bowels in an uproar” Meaning stay calm! Mine were literally that for maybe 2 hours! Seemed like forever. Maybe I should start a cookbook entitled” With No Flavours” Sounds good for me. Am I the only one!


July 3, 2013

Blue skies shining at me:nothing but blue skies do I see!Saturday in the Park thought it was the 4th of July! People singing Italien songs!Great time for a picnic! How can the U.S. now have negotiations with the Taliban given the history of that radical organisation with their forever ramble chatter. Their superimposed ideas doesn’t set well in a good society. The world has to be vigilant to the splinter groups as well. The mullahs in Islam as well as the holiday of Ramadan as Moslems gather soon to have a holiday among themselves is fine. There have been several acts of ferocity in the past that have been in association with the Taliban. The cultures of them isn’t conducive to the rest of the world’s thinking including the religion of Islam itself. All Moslems retort to the fact that it is happening and they feel revolt to hearing such acts. There was a disturbing article in National Geographic website which displayed persons in Egypt, Afghanistan, other places especially in the Mid-East. These persons were shooting down, glueing song birds. Said they were doing it for profit or just for the sport of it. How awful is this. A great many song birds sang their last cheerful note thanks to these people. If there are laws against this it should be enforced with very heavy fines if caught. This should be defunct. I was simply appauled at the audacity of these actions.