“Relief From The Heat”

What a time so far enjoying the summer. To have a liking for movies and particular ones is the best way to past the day constructively. Some fancy sports too. Swimming is an excellent way to obtain exercise while a relief from the heat. Oceans are great if you have one nearby. Lakes are good, if you take precautions and don’t swim in unguarded waters even if you are the best at what you do. A rule is never go alone which is common sense. Many have friends to take part too. In many states there are swimming holes and regardless of the depth it could and is quite dangerous. Unfortunately there are many more than they should be. There aren’t any guide lines or laws against this. At the most there actually should be. Even if you are with your mates it shouldn’t be allowed. There was an freak accident according to the mother of this young energetic, out-going, intelligent, likable person who went to this swimming hole about thirty feet deep and there was a land mine that killed him. It was apparently on his friend’s property. Of course the boy had permission beforehand. Now not a person knew that this device was at that depth below. This boy was in Pennsylvania and vacationing there. He was from Babylon, L.I. Read this article on the Newsday site. There are bays which seem very unclean and yet nothing is done to prevent others from going in it for just awhile. The looks of something would tell a person not a go further. Even for that matter, there are many pools across the nation that don’t have lifeguards or some volunteers if affordability for lifeguards is out of the question. Even the public pools are worse and is bad shape. Maybe the answer would have to come down to the individual taking part in it. However it would be advantageous to simply have laws against this or very stiff fines if anyone is caught. There should be signs, heavy gates to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Instead there is constant ignorance.

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