“Long Ago”

After posting the previous blog, noticed that the separation between the words were two spaces instead of one. Not a clue as to why however the contents were fine and that’s what matters. Now I will take that into account when scripting the future ones. Glad I noticed it now and I had observed it just after the posting. As now drinking coffee as I hear the last drops trickling into the coffee pot: its a nice cool morning. As the summer lingered, I would be going to HCA in Kensington: graduated from HCA in D.C. on Upton St. just near Dunbarton College. John had asked for the phone number during the dance and I gave it to him which was OL.iver 4-0649 which wasn’t the type now. He phone me on Friday to see if I would like to go on a picnic and then to meet his family at his house. Of course, I just immediately said” Sure I would”. My mother drove me to Gaithersburg. It was a very pleasant scenic drive. Lot of green fields, not like it is in later years all built up modernly with the monorail coming and going to D.C. twice a day, so I had read. After the picnic I was happy to meet his family. His father was a postman, his mother was a housewife and his sister, Judy was maybe two or three years younger than John, very cute and tomboyish. They lived on a small farm, although recall the spaciousness of the house with bay windows. John and I enjoyed walking especially up a rather small hill to be under a tree. It wasn’t a weepingwillow though. Maybe just another type with lots of branches and a bunch of leaves. We would stand under it and french kiss over and over again, and just see how many and how long it would take. We would spend each following Saturday and sometimes Sunday afternoons. We were content just holding hands. As the summer rolled into autumn and then winter came: the new year was upon us and it still was in high gear. We were juniors he just turning sixteen in January 20th and myself turning sixteen in May 15th. Then in early August my father said he had been transferred to Indpls, Ind. I thought to myself “What”, Why Now, Couldn’t it wait”. But now school was beginning the day after Labor Day. Surely I would miss going to my cousin’s house where just a block away they belonged to Edgemoor Country Club where my cousin Tim was a lifeguard and my Aunt Cora sold ice cream bars.

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