Ah,the songs of the fifties and the dances, the mash potatoes,jitterbug, the twist, the crocodile: don’t really recall that last one, however my son was taking a peak at the computer and automatically said” the crocodile” That is impressive that he would even know that as he was born in the mid-seventies. Ah teenage time full of fun adventure and exhilaration. One day a girl that I knew, Rita Fink said there was a dance at the school and her date was Mike Umstead. Rita asked me if I wanted to go. And of course in a very shy soft voice I said “Yes”. Thought to myself that it would be fun as I really loved to dance, especially the slow dances. Mike knew a fellow named John. I had never met him and it would be a ” blind date”. It would be a double date. Rita and Mike knew one another beforehand. I think my father took me to the dance then I came home with him. When I saw John, we introduced ourselves to one another. He was 6 foot 4 inches. His name was John Lawrence Gartner. He was 5 months older than me. He was dark and handsome. We danced as many slow dances as possible. He wasn’t a good dancer. There was a disc jockey that would spin the records. I lived in Bethesda and went to HCA and John lived in Gaithersburg went to Gonzaga in D.C. The dance must have lasted only three or four hours. I was so happy and so was he. Guess just looking into each other’s eyes, made it worthwhile. When I finally went to sleep that night in my own bed, I felt happy. Just looking forward to the summer and what it had in store.

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