Even though having lived in Ind.,Ohio,Ala., and not really being attuned to that atmosphere: kept in touch with certain friends still living there after all these years. Recently an accurate description of myself is cosmopolitan. Hooray for “chock full of nuts” especially at this hour. Along with that same thought have been interested in the neighbourhoods that changed and rechanged. Places like Detroit where people have lived there regardless in spite of everything. The endless courage of people who have monthly meetings to air their views in rational ways, finding solutions. Making life better one step at a time with community intervention. One way is taking down many dilapidated buildings, clearing space for gardens and this is done through private enterprises instead of city funds. Watched an explosive powerfully intense movie”Inhale” which would be listed as somewhat of a documentary about the illegal trafficing of organs and the ramifications of the resulted actions. It is a secret that takes place daily without anyone blinking. Read online about the fda not approving combined prescribed drugs and the demise of more than several individuals. Really getting to like this state, as I did Md., and the state of N.Y. Went to Pope Farm Conservatory Park recently and it was spectacular. The views of individual and collective beauty was breathtaking. It was so that there is an indelible photo in my minds computer while doing this. If once people don’t necessarily have to travel long distances to appreciate and rediscouver what is next to them.

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