Sun shining,blue skies, window open to let in the beautiful breezes, with puffy off white clouds above, feels comfortable. How splendid. Speaking scholastically, there are many deterrents to interrupt the learning process. Many of these are commonly known. At the age of ten I was pulled out of olqm in Forest Hills, Qns. I was comfortable and enjoyed that school very much. I was happy to go to school regardless of what was transpiring daily.Although being hospitalized on several occasions, I managed to keep up with the studies. My father was going to Maryland to join a law practice “Davis and Mears” Went to hca in D.C. Enjoyed that school very much and was progressing nicely. Graduated there and went to hca in Kensington for h.s. Of I like that too. Secretly thought I could go to Dunbarton College in D.C. However that wasn’t the case. The family moved to the midwest. There was a sense of stability slowly draining from a sense of belonging somewhere. How I wished there was a school without grades and pressures of tests one after another? I would say secretly to myself. Montessori is now in existance which is a great tool for learning. My sisters and brother went to college. Unfortunately I didn’t. If Montessori was in existance when I was much younger, I would have excelled. Regrets never change the past and worry never changes the future.

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