The gentle breezes as several puffy clouds dance through the horison as a beautiful shade of light blue shines bright awakening the ninth month. As a preparation of thoughts to this, was thinking of my son, Ian and family in Jordan and my grand daughter’s comments to the events in Syria, as she was waiting, anxious, praying. The analogy of certain people to others is this subject. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a most peaceful country. The death of King Hussein ruled forty six years. His son Abdullah11( a very common arabic name)now rules. He and his beautiful American wife met Pope Francis at the Vatican and a memorable photo was snapped of the three. These two men came together in harmony to converse intelligently and come to an understanding in hope of resolving issues which plagued the universe. Later on this year Pope Francis is scheduled to make Pope John XXIII a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis replaced Cardinal Tarcisio Bartone who was appointed by the former Pope Benedict. Cardinal Bartone had been widely critised for a good many years for the ” Vatileaks” scandals. The documents including corruption and infighting in the Vatican. The secretary of state heads the Roman curia, the central administration of the Catholic Church and the pope’s advisor. The new Sec. of State is Archbishop Pietro Parolin. The Clintons and The Johnsons have an analogy as well. These families are among other things are most corrupt. The former Sec. of State was offered and accepted gifts amounting to $500,000,000 from the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The gifts were jewelry of many types. Could that have be a bribe and accepted as such. The President’s wife have accepted gifts from the same king over the years. The President’s daughters too, have accepted gifts as well. This was along with an most expensive piece of furniture to grace the White House. Been deleting more friends on facebook, deleting many articles, hiding photos from the timeline, playing games, solitare, checkers, backgammon online with world players to gain some eye hand coordination. Getting better. My only direction has to be forward.

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