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“Double Serenity”

November 14, 2013

Warmer days are upon us for a few days. Giving Thanks for that, if reversed G.T.becomes the titled holiday. Maybe nothing to do with pilgrims and indians: or maybe so, really who knows. Giving thanks to my parents ( yes,surprise, surprise, what a bombshell)for having the choice to bring me into this wonderful,incredible, adventurous world. The terrible upbringing in which I endured was no fault of my own. I was stuck with it and had to roll with the punches, in every way possible. On the other hand the quirks and flaws of the Jecko side was entirely much better than what I was facing on a daily basis. I fortunately found the camaraderie of the Jecko clan to have double senenity and to the opposed chaotic conditions. I felt ostracized personally of any relative involvement. So any opportunity that came I jumped at the chance to be around the Jecko side. The whole clan has a unique way of coming together in ways unimaginable all the time. They support one another in good and bad times. Just imagine if I were born into their family and not mine. They would give me encouragement, focus on my flaws such as giving me hand eye coordination which I have very little,never coddling me, felt like smothering me. That is never the way to protect. Crush, erase my fears of crossing streets, intersections mainly. My mother didn’t care correctly for herself, smoked heavily, drank occasionally, had German Measles while pregnant with me, having congential cataracts as a result. Now if Aunt Cora was my mother this wouldn’t have happened. Aunt Cora and Uncle Perry were wonderful, caring, genuine individuals that I simply loved, liked, admired. If Aunt Cora were my mother she would have encouraged me to take the SATs just to see for my own benefit as to what my attibutes were, strengthened them, as far as my weaknesses are concerned, surely she would have strengthened them as well. I would have been a much better person in those ways, however never perfection. Grant me the things I can change, accept the things I can’t, have the power to know the difference.

“Second Segment”

November 12, 2013

First the tide rushes in, plants a kiss on the shore and goes out to sea and is forever more. A surprising yet unpredicable snowfall is here:will be gone soon enough. The beautiful majestic mountains in Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, as well as all of Canada is the most pictureque in the world. A family isn’t of Blood. A family cares. More caring less hate. There is surely nothing personal to the Davis side. Have never had the holidays with that side. They seem to me a distant group of people just consuming their own selves. I make attempts to leave messages by phone and never a returned call. I am civil with them knowing that is good. Sometimes there is repress anger at their entire personalities within me, however I came to the realisation that it is and they are a waste of time, so why bother. There is so much bickering between them, all the time, I just don’t ever want to be around them. The sayings ” Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. I am a Great Aunt to Noah, Zoe, and Aiden Wade. And also to Ava,Gavin, and Kyla Seely. Also to Owen and Emily Papandreas. My albums are filled with them as a treasure. I think with each generation forthcoming it gets better. However as the years are rolling by and holidays come and go never a cordial call ever. That is the heart of the matter however there is only one heart and that is mine.


November 8, 2013

It is again another typical November day. Warmer during the day and chillier in the evening and at night. Have the heat barely on so there isn’t a chill in the air when awakening. These studio apts can get mighty warm, guess because of such a smaller space than the others apts. Just finished my portion of coffee for the day, now drinking some water b/c coffee has a dehydrating factor. It is ironic but I really don’t know how to start this senario. Guess I think it has some or most personal matters, and I am a very private person. There is a very well known site which is true to form.” Children Live What They Learn”! In my case it was most the negative sayings. Remembering growing up, I was in kindergarten and it was the beginning of the school year. In the few days, I had met a friend who was nice so I naturally brought the child home after school to play a short while. She was biracial. After a day of active play, I asked my mother if we could play the next day and she gave an infatic”No”. I was sad and ask her why? Knowing that we didn’t do anything wrong. She said” I don’t want you bringing home any High Yellow again” Of course I didn’t understand at all and became very sad and began to cry. She didn’t understand and told me to “Stop”. In all my years growing up I never had a birthday party. Never had friends over either. Never join “Brownies, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, or went to summer camp. This is my own personal recollection of childhood. Over the years I have been civil with my two sisters and brother, only for the sake of my two sons. My two sisters and brother are a product of my parents. It is what it is! I, on the other hand put a positive outlook on a negativity. And therefore do my utmost to stay far away from personalities who have negative aspects.


November 3, 2013

Sunny blue skies with drops of clouds dotting above the leafless tall trees makes it a scenic autumn day. The athleticism of the human body is an artistic way of ultimate expression. In the World Series, regardless of the team, the way the player contorts their body to catch an oncoming ball as it is floating from 96 feet or more above and the ball seems and does appear in their glove. It is skillfully amasing. When a another player steals a base and goes along the surface without a care in the world it is actuality. In soccer where the striker is running the length of the field in rotation seems never to tire there is skill, strength together. If a wing being right or left makes a corner ball directly in the goal, it is never magic: it takes repeated practise, skill. To view a goal from upclose or afar is phenomenal. In hockey where the puck is flying over 100 miles an hour and the goalie saves more than a numerous amount from coming and going past him into the net is spectacular. In luging and bobsledding where the runner has to jump on the sled as it is going 300 or more miles an hour in a less than a second as it is curving sometimes back and forth and its over a high embankment as it swiftly geers carefully to the left then right and straight to the end of the run. As a basketball player shoots a hoop with slightly touching the rim as the ball goes sliding through, it is skill. A still photograph of these individuals are truly pictureque in the minds eye. It can’t be a facsimile.

“Collecting And Condensing”

November 2, 2013

This month brings new adventures on the way, as each day does as the seconds roll by without a glance. Discipline makes the distinction between what you want now and what you want most. Collecting special items becomes part of one’s life as to who the person is without really knowing them, while at the same time condensing the items as to the volume and quality and quanity. Reading is, has been and will be a part of one’s life. Recently had the opportunity to view upclose some beautiful horses. Read all of Nicholas Evans books and each one dealt with horses. What a special wonderful animal. Changed the cover picture to a group of racing horses. There are a myriad of books to numerous to list as it would take volumes. However will just mention the great authors of them. All books by Jimmy Breslin. All of the same by Pete Hamill. A beautiful array by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre. Of course the McCourt brothers, Frank, Malachy and Alphie. There are a group of twenty notes of fb which this is one of them so been deleting a lot from that site b/c the windows memory is low. Had this computer since 2007 and the monitor is a 1997 model. So it is obsolete whether it is a desktop which it is or a laptop.