“Collecting And Condensing”

This month brings new adventures on the way, as each day does as the seconds roll by without a glance. Discipline makes the distinction between what you want now and what you want most. Collecting special items becomes part of one’s life as to who the person is without really knowing them, while at the same time condensing the items as to the volume and quality and quanity. Reading is, has been and will be a part of one’s life. Recently had the opportunity to view upclose some beautiful horses. Read all of Nicholas Evans books and each one dealt with horses. What a special wonderful animal. Changed the cover picture to a group of racing horses. There are a myriad of books to numerous to list as it would take volumes. However will just mention the great authors of them. All books by Jimmy Breslin. All of the same by Pete Hamill. A beautiful array by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre. Of course the McCourt brothers, Frank, Malachy and Alphie. There are a group of twenty notes of fb which this is one of them so been deleting a lot from that site b/c the windows memory is low. Had this computer since 2007 and the monitor is a 1997 model. So it is obsolete whether it is a desktop which it is or a laptop.

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