It is again another typical November day. Warmer during the day and chillier in the evening and at night. Have the heat barely on so there isn’t a chill in the air when awakening. These studio apts can get mighty warm, guess because of such a smaller space than the others apts. Just finished my portion of coffee for the day, now drinking some water b/c coffee has a dehydrating factor. It is ironic but I really don’t know how to start this senario. Guess I think it has some or most personal matters, and I am a very private person. There is a very well known site which is true to form.” Children Live What They Learn”! In my case it was most the negative sayings. Remembering growing up, I was in kindergarten and it was the beginning of the school year. In the few days, I had met a friend who was nice so I naturally brought the child home after school to play a short while. She was biracial. After a day of active play, I asked my mother if we could play the next day and she gave an infatic”No”. I was sad and ask her why? Knowing that we didn’t do anything wrong. She said” I don’t want you bringing home any High Yellow again” Of course I didn’t understand at all and became very sad and began to cry. She didn’t understand and told me to “Stop”. In all my years growing up I never had a birthday party. Never had friends over either. Never join “Brownies, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, or went to summer camp. This is my own personal recollection of childhood. Over the years I have been civil with my two sisters and brother, only for the sake of my two sons. My two sisters and brother are a product of my parents. It is what it is! I, on the other hand put a positive outlook on a negativity. And therefore do my utmost to stay far away from personalities who have negative aspects.

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