“Sight Unseen”

Again a wintery wonderland with flakes of snow dropping from the cloudless sky which makes it a perfect photo. Of course it is from this vantage point as I sit here blogging some wild pictureque words of description. While it appears to be of a sarcastic nature, it is absolutely true as I am with a second cup of coffee, warmly in my dwellings, with plenty to eat and a good amount of sleep. I am comforted with a smattering of individuals which make life worthwhile. This is all of my choosing too. The title of this may refer to several options. In one way it could be brothers who one has all the recognisation at the time and the other is in the background. Maybe that is because of one of them being three or four years older, that could be in the eyes of the viewers too. Or on the other hand it could be the other brother doesn’t draw attention to himself either, or just goes on with his actions. My cousin, Tim was three years older than my cousin, Mike. My son Ian is four years older that my son, Andre. I on the other hand was the eldest of five and felt and treated always in the background. So it isn’t necessarily where you are in a family.


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