“A Blue Bird”

It is dangerously cold outdoors and the most of the country is the same way, in some respects a good deal worse. Having only fourteen blogs to go before reaching 500: thinking of the most memorable outstanding sagas that are most important. Just before moving to this state, I was in Ala. for seven years. It really wasn’t that bad however thought the change would be good to get away from the South. I had prior to moving writing long letters to a so-called friend. She and I had known each for a good amount of years. Knew each other’s lives, families. We knew each other in Ohio. She and her family lived in the same house in Madison on the same street. She would describe the house and surroundings in written letters. Thought some day I would go there. The cold was bone chilling and she would make this known. However with my determination of survival and I have it to this day: I thought it would be fine. Every time I mentioned details she would skirt the questions, and time and time again she would mention”God”,and all that stuff, so she would avoid the answering the vital questions when asked by myself repeatedly. It was rather irritating now that I would think back on the situation and was in at last in the situation. However again I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, and again thought she was just being herself. After much thought on my part, I went for a visit of a total of two weeks. In March of 2005 I was sitting on the porch and saw a blue bird in a snow covered tree with the sun shining through the leaves and thought it would be fine. Little did I know.


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