“Out Of The Deep South”

Sunny bright blue skies, however still single digits high and below normal. Somewhat sounds like a weathercaster. Always interested in news and what is happening around the universe. After spending a two week visit getting a inkling of what was instore for myself just in case I wanted to make a permanent change of my own volition: I laid awake and thought long and hard. I arrived back in March of 2005, with a mind of scenic beauty, occasionally walking down by the lake at the end of the very short row of houses. Inside the house was a far cry to my expections, with several people coming and going throughout the day and sometimes during the evening. Thought to myself the mother who owned the house had a very large family. So I thought naturally there would be a great deal of friends along with relatives. Anticipating my move, I gathered up what was important and tossed the rest of belongings as went into an organisation mode. After several phone calls from the owner of the dwelling, she was anxiously awaiting my arrival as I was on the same path. It was a very friendly long conversation as were her long detailed letters. After much preparation on both our parts, the time had come. I rented a van. The neighbor from the next door apt., assisted me to put my furniture into the medium size uhaul. All the furniture, personal belongings, fit very well without crowding them and of course there was move to spare. This was in May of 2005 after a two months of deliberations. The manager of the four seasons was friendly, sad at the same time as my apt. was a model to others. Brenda wished me the best as she stood inside my apt. for the last time. Called Carol the owner of the house, she was apologetic b/c she was running late due to her working schedule. So we both agreed to make it on Saturday in May. I slept in an empty apt. There was a knock on the door, in early morning. Carol and her boyfriend came and asked me politely to use my apt. She and he slept in the empty bedroom and I slept in the living room. It was only for a matter of hours. I slept on and off in sweet reverie and was awaken by the bright sun shining through the window. That sun was my alarm clock. All three of us climbed into the van. Me on the passenger side, she in the middle and he driving. We stopped at McDonalds for something light with coffee, before the long scenic route to Wisconsin. We stopped at rest stops, restaurants, and in Ky near Mammoth Cave, but it was closed on a Sunday, so there was another nearby cave she and he went in as I stayed out and admired the surrounding sights.


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