“Year Upon Year”

Shockingly there are thirty three hundred homeless in Madison and half of them are children in shelters. There are twenty two thousand children who are homeless in n.y.c.: these people are only become a number to the rest of the u.s. population. These people are prisoners within their own bodies. It is a revolting fact. That even a single person is homeless and has to sleep in the dirt to keep warm against the elements. It is a crime against humanity. Now let’s scan back to 2005. After a scenic time on the roads, came at last to wisconsin to the capital city madison to a 3 bedroom,one bath small cape cod house. Arranging all my furniture in my small bedroom was a challenge and an accomplishing feat in itself. It looked good, with belongings in the closet and organisation to the tee. Then I went for a brisk walk to get myself acclimated to the surroundings. Each day I planned what was to be done on each day forward. Went to the coffee shop on Sunday mornings to hear some music which was relaxing. Went to the nearby park for a stroll next to the lake. On Tuesdays went to St. Paul’s Catholic Church downtown which was frequented by college students. Enjoy going to Mass: it brought solace then. Stopping at Subway which was adjacent to it. Then to the library a few steps away. On Thursday headed to Border’s on the east side for time to enjoy. On Monday the following week Carol called her x husband in n.j. to say I was here and to agree with expenses of the house. I spoke to Dan and with a conference call between Carol, Dan and myself, we came to an verbal understanding, nothing in writing that I would pay half the rent, utilities including water and the taxes which came twice a year. Thought to myself, it was a fair deal, as the three of us agreed. As the summer was well underway, I would mow the grass front and back, trim the bushes in the back yard with sheerers. The mosquitos were horrible because of the proximity to the lake. Summer went quickly into the leaves turning raking them and cold brisk winter. Neighbors with snow blowers, shoveling snow and bone chilling temperatures. With Christmas coming and the start of the New Year, I felt satified for some unknown reason. Got a new computer from Ian who was in Manila and sent it to me via Rick Jacobs. Andre was in Seattle. Spoke to him often. Soon it was spring of 2006 and I had been there a year. Hard to believe. Time went by in a flash. Then the summer and into the other seasons, Christmas came, New Year of 2007 and the seasons repeated. Holidays came and went. New Year 2008. Events and seasons again repeated into 2009. Went on facebook then connected with family, friends and starting blogging in August of that year. Had to get my thought revealed. Stayed to myself. Thought it was better that way. Had nothing whatsoever in common with the people were in the house. Seemed to me they were strangers. This was with the exception of Carol. Made a bad situation good.


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