” Waiting Till Time Was Right”

A suggestion to the growing homelessness is to count how many abandoned dwellings in this city and surely there are many, if not a few and refurnished them to a point of being habitable. Madison has thrown a ton of money into Randall Stadium for the love of football here. There should be more shelters particularly in the downtown area. At the beginning of 2009, it was the same yet getting worse. The house was literally cluttered with junk throughout. Closets were the same, with outdated cans goods, bags of rice from the food bank. The kitchen was horrendous. There was a new refrigerator and the food in it was spoiled. I had long conversations with Carol while she and I were hanging laundry on the clothesline in the back yard. She was working long hours as a caretaker and hardly at the house. So time was limited for her to do any of the housework. So I had an idea to help her out. She and I cleaned the refrigerator entirely. Actually I did most of it, while she was standing there. Her boyfriend was in a reggae band, so get the picture. He was all negative. Her daughter was a nut case. Getting the drift. The local police were at the house countless times for numerous things. It didn’t matter when. Seemed that the house was marked for bad activities. I debated with myself to move, yet thought my credit wasn’t up to par just yet. By being there I was building a good credit rating, so I continued to stay. Just waiting till the time was right. I would continue to stay to myself and i.m. my neices Lizzy and Jenny about the situation. They were both concerned for me. My son Andre would phone from Seattle and he too was concerned as were the neighbors. As 2009 came to an end and 2010 would come into the picture things were even getting intolerable.


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