First of all the previous blog’s title was suppose to be entitled” Multitasking”. That is really all right, because if you misspell a word, it could be that you didn’t hear it correctly, you say it rapidly and repeatedly and the words run together, or it is a case of dialect too. Peace is the absence of war as the slogan goes. There are fifty seven thousand American troops patrolling the demilitarize zone or the D.M.Z. in North Korea. This has been going on since the Korean War ended in 1953. In the case of North Korea the war is still being fought. In the administration of Eisenhower there is a Armistance Commission declaring a truce. However there has never been a peace treaty between the U.S. and Korea. The leader of N. K. is now a 29 year old dictator who is havoc on the people under his rule. Perhaps if the U.S. would finally pull the troops out and have a peace treaty with the North the entire country would come together in harmony. There’s opening dialogne with Cuba. That has taken a long time as Fidel Castro is still alive however his brother Raul rules the country. There should be dialogne with Mexico also, for that matter with P.R. and the Puerto Ricans should have the right to vote for President of the U.S. even though they have said that they really didn’t want it many years ago. At the time only 50 percent said no.However, I think the Puerto Ricans vote in general elections. Afterall they fought and died for the country: they should have the right to vote. The country should become the 51st state instead of a possession. Look at Guam for instance. The U.S. should have better dialogne with South American countries, all of them regardless. The U.S. talks about immigration. So what better way to accomplish this than to have better relations with neighboring countries including Central America too. Instead of isolating countries as they have done in the past.


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