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“Slamming Against A Brick Wall”

February 4, 2014

At the moment I am racing against time, simply for the fact that my computer is going down to make it short and not to elaborate on it. Each and every time I try to find anything at all about my father’s side of the family, I keep slamming against a brick wall. There is nothing about that side, however knowing me I keep the research going. My sister-in law, Ellen sent me a card with a baby’s picture on it and it was a long gated one, which said ” Welcome Cole Davis into the family April 2007. Down below was written Jay and Claudia Douglass and big brother Reid. I kept this and put it away in my album for a period of time. Then my niece, Dara just ask me recently if I knew anything about Bert’s side of the family and if Bert had any brothers. I immediately said that Bert had a brother Maury and another brother Bobby. Then I was online looking for something else and came across an article which said” Rock Hill boy 4, fights to live” I then compared the card to the dates I had and as I was reading further into the article came to the conclusion that it was one in the same. The boy Reid was Cole’s older brother. It mentioned that Cole was 2.It mentioned that Claudia is Reid and Cole’s mother and Jay was the father. Claudia is my Uncle Bobby’s daughter. It was an emotional and inspiring piece. Reid had lymphomia cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. There was several other articles referring to this condition or in connection with this family. So that is the essence of this blog.