Spring is coming. No coats and hats. Bring on baseball. With balls and bats. Spring is coming. No more freezing to the core. Here comes natural warmth. And lots of strolling and more. Spring is coming. Four years ago I went to Maryland primarily to see my cousin Mike. Had a great time with him. Went to the Golf Country Club and enjoyed a lunch and conversation. Went to his home and saw his wife Susan, his son Mike and Brittany. Then when his birthday rolled around last year decided to phone him and he answered and he was very cordial as usual however didn’t seem like himself. I wondered and emailed my concerns to his son Scott in Talahassee. He said his dad was having trouble remembering things just a little and Susan mentioned the same concern especially when I voiced my concern in an emailed to her. Then I saw a photograph later that year and put it on my couver picture or facebook. Got a message from Mike, my cousin youngest son saying that he wanted me to remove it. At the time his Dad was being tested for Alzheimers disease. That there was a question that he had it. I understood completely and removed the photograph. Just had it there for a day of so. Told his son that I personally felt closer to his family and mine. And he understood. All is well with us. Then it turned out the my dear cousin has Alzheimers disease. Got a message from his daughter Brittany. Said her Dad has a good attitude and feeling cheerful. It is hard on the whole family though, understandably so. Speaking of family. My mother’s brother Cyril died at nineteen as a result of a motorcycle accident and her other brother Harold was married to Haddie and he was a guard in a D.C. prison. They had four sons. My mother would throw out names to me and names of people and I never would know who these people were much less meet them. That is why the Jecko side was far better than the Davis side. A sense of belonging. The conversation that I remember from my cousin is that he is a recent convert to being a Catholic and he recently went to St. Patricks and went to confession. And I recall the photographs of him and me as he held me tightly around the waist as I was glowing with pride. In fact I still have it. So memorable were those short days of sunshine. Spring is coming so hopefully I will get a new computer soon from Ian. This computer is very bad: in the middle of this it froze again and was just about to go up to the office and finished this. However decided against it again it is snowing now. Glad I didn’t. Have to work with it


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