“A Culture”

It still is winter in my book. Still winter gear with all the fixings. Still mounds and some patches of snow on the surface, the air feels like snow. Although sunny skies avail that is tomfoolery with black and grey clouds. Intended to actually not blog again till next month, but after viewing a local report couldn’t let it go. It was reported that while driving while intoxicated the cop pulls you over and gives you a ticket, no jail time! This is a culture in this state, Wisconsin. Now this is speaking of alcohol, instead of having it called a dwi, it is called a owi. Now won’t go into that because it was well stated previously. The focus is why does the cop just gives a ticket! This is outrageous! How can this be! Then the upcoming offenses are many as less that five and more than twenty. This is a beer state namely Millers. All beer companies are saying time and time again to drink responsibility. So one can’t fault the beer manufactures for the stupidity of individuals. Just as you can’t blame the tobacco companies in N.C. and it is so big that two major cities are named after the companies. The state legislature has repeated tried to change the law regarding the offense. However to no avail, the beer lobby stands in the way each time the measure comes up for a vote. The beer lobby blocks and slams it down. This is very unfortunate. Look at the countless families who have lost individuals due to alcohol related accidents: not to mention the countless injuries. This is indigenous to this state. No other state in the nation but this state do this occur.


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