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“Time:Third Segment”

May 18, 2014

Spring has sprung and gone it seems. Just a couple of decent days and then back to autumn. Its a wonder why there are so many colds, allergies and such. Had a four lines blogged and it turned blue and it disappeared again. Second time. Oh well, live and learn. Now had to condense it. Won’t be the first and definitely won’t be the last. There it just happen again. Now have to remember to use the mouse instead of the keys or space bar. In the eyes of a parent, children are infants and time is timeless yet it may cease. It is wonderful magical experiences with highs and lows. Then the children are preteens and more events occur. The children become teenagers and then it is very challenging for both the parent and the young people. At a moments notice the children go off to college or go get jobs on their own. Most of the times in neighboring states or where they may be able to find it. Yet other times it may be far away. It’s good to have the children live their own lives. The parents shouldn’t live through their children. The children should have their own independent minds, think for themselves. That is the natural order of the way it should be. It would be quite harder for the children to be nearby, than farther away. There is the computer and social media which is stupendous and makes life so much easier in that respect. A parent has to recollect that knowledge has been given to the adult and be reminded to treat the young adult as such and not treat them as a child. Sometimes it is hard having a parent intuitive attachment. However for that is the very best for them both. If for instance a parent has given children a true sense of love, it will forever be there and be return as well. A parent has to be responsible for themselves and live their own life outside of their children. A mother will always be a mother as a father will always be a father. Then there will be respect for both. Respect isn’t given: it is earned.

“Time:Second Segment”

May 11, 2014

There hasn’t been a Spring to this point. The inclement weather is conducive to colds. There has been a bone crushing in the ear which is most unpleasant and ear popping which has to due with sinuses. It seems like the ear is stopped up with wax. Again most uncomfortable to say the least and to make matters worse there is a notice in the hearing department. A slight difference however nevertheless, so that is on the agenda when shopping. When someone dies there is enough waiting time: sometimes it varies. In one case it was four in a half hours. Because of this the mind is telling you there is a catastrophe which is occurring and the body reacts with both knees trembling and shaking in unison just long enough to react again and sit down to calm down slowly. Here is another scenario, when someone is in a good frame of mind and wanting the pleasant event to occur bringing a forthcoming child in the world is the best. It really doesn’t matter if you are in labor for nine hours and then having the procedure done as a c section. Nothing matters at that particular moment. However you do hear these other women wailing to the top of their lungs which is most disconcerting. These women are wimps. Kindness isn’t interpreted as a doormat. There are a variety of these. There is always a reason, sometimes mysterious for someone’s reaction. For your own sake when the time is right, fight fire with fire.

“Time:First Segment”

May 4, 2014

Time is a measure of essence. A few seconds to utter please, thank you, open a door for an elderly person, notice if a person has only a couple or a few items in a crowded store to ask them if they could go ahead of you. These acts of kindness takes thought on your part and means the world to others. If someone is fighting an ailment, instead of taking medicine make a mental note to time the relief between the pain, measure the amount of it in degrees. Then only take the medicine if necessary. Then you are only to be in control. The mind controls the body and not vise-versa. A minute taken to phone a family member or a friend that you haven’t heard from in a long time will be a welcome surprise to that person. Wishing someone a form of greeting as birthdays, or a celebration of some sort makes your and their life a bit better. Going the extra mile for someone that you particularly aren’t fond of is a gesture of understanding. Being kind to others doesn’t take much out of daily life; yet it makes others realize there is a bit of good in the world. Furthermore it is contagious.