“Time:First Segment”

Time is a measure of essence. A few seconds to utter please, thank you, open a door for an elderly person, notice if a person has only a couple or a few items in a crowded store to ask them if they could go ahead of you. These acts of kindness takes thought on your part and means the world to others. If someone is fighting an ailment, instead of taking medicine make a mental note to time the relief between the pain, measure the amount of it in degrees. Then only take the medicine if necessary. Then you are only to be in control. The mind controls the body and not vise-versa. A minute taken to phone a family member or a friend that you haven’t heard from in a long time will be a welcome surprise to that person. Wishing someone a form of greeting as birthdays, or a celebration of some sort makes your and their life a bit better. Going the extra mile for someone that you particularly aren’t fond of is a gesture of understanding. Being kind to others doesn’t take much out of daily life; yet it makes others realize there is a bit of good in the world. Furthermore it is contagious.


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