“Out Of Thin Air”

Imagine if something happened and as a result the person vanished out of thin air. How utterly awful that would be. That happens on a daily basis unbeknownst to the world, other than hearing it via the newscast. Persons in times of war minor or major such as mias of pows. Persons who have be kidnapped too. While in this imagination, let’s figure of the countless families who must carry on daily with the endless worriers of those who they hold dear. Not knowing is far worse than knowing regardless of how painful it is. If a person were kidnapped that would be devastating as well. At least knowing about something then you have the power to deal with it and the outcome. Without knowing a person becomes powerless and helpless. Their minds wander far out of control with fret. With sweltering conditions during this summer, the days become unbearable at times, although with tornadoes, thunderstorms and showers occasionally seems that these events don’t last to make a real difference in the atmosphere. Just started another book” Tokyo Short Stories Sketches” by Pete Hamill. Last summer had some sinus condition and as a result the left eye was affected because of it. This summer the same thing occurred. However last year it occurred quite differently with worse results although it was rectified promptly. Phoned Dr. Shapiro and he was out of his office this week. So of course will continue to monitor it closely. By the way this is my forth time in doing this blog. Keep losing it, still not use to the cursor. Although each time I’ve started this over it gets better and more in sync.


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