“Human Interest Stories: Premise One”

The hot humid days of summer are more than likely better or worse, depending on the way those view it. Been reading a tender wonderful book by Dominque La Pierre ” Once Upon A Time In The Soviet Union” and enjoying it tremendously. It is unusual that this is my first and only blog done this month. I have been very worried about my second son. He is very sick physically. His home was Seattle before moving here. He really loved Seattle and believe or not he called that place home. It is ironic because he was born in Cincy, Ohio. He spent nine years in Seattle and really knew the city and its environment. My thoughts are unraveled because of his health. I myself eat very little as a bird does. And if you knew a bird it eats very frequently. And I must add that when events are at a standstill that if there were tons of food then for that matter things just stay there. In other words events have to be calm then I am able to consume food. Excuse me this isn’t mainly about me alone however the events that happen to others who are close to me does affect me. Money all my entire life has been manageable because I am very good with it. I am very systematic and organized with it. I have to be. Speaking of that, I’ve had a saving acct and the bank has charged me fees if I go over a six time transactions. Each time the bank will charged a $12.00 fee each time. Think in my case it has been 12 transactions at the last count. I surely am not singled out. Everyone who does this is under the same rule. So again asked my brother and he has accepted my request. This time I will just use the checking acct and forget about the saving acct. Needless to say have only made transactions for only emergencies in the case of my son. Still presently my son is in bad shape however holding his own and fighting with all of his strength knowing he has a strong will to live and get through this illness. Have had a prayer network of certain family members and close friends to act in his behalf. For the first time since he’s been ill he has asked for my laptop. That to me was most surprising: and was an encouraging sign. Where there is life, there is hope: and health is wealth.

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