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“Human Interest Stories : An Attachment”

August 4, 2014

Weather warming now, summertime conditions: been listening to the 90’s music. So meaningful, melodic, timeless. Yes it did happen again was in the middle of a thought the screen turned blue and it was erased. So here is a second time collecting thoughts. Why it happens, not a clue however it does. Been reading the same book and nearly finished.
Also been in the midst of cleaning my apartment at a ravish pace. Was very fortunate to receive a vacuum cleaner a better one so I can alternate with the one I already have and this one does detail cleaning. Got it from my close best friend. This same friend and I took my son to the hospital on Saturday at 10am. Came home for a short time and found four miss calls, so figured Andre had phoned. Spoke to him briefly. Said he was weak. Said his stomach hurt.
Also mentioned that the doctor was worried that he could have kidney failure because of dehydration. He is receiving great care, being fed intravenously. He had lost twenty pounds; couldn’t keep anything down for two weeks.
Fortunately he now has Badgercare a type of health insurance for Wisconsin residents. He has been in this state for the required time. Just recalling that he would take the bus back and forth to work. Never asked for rides. Only took one when asked however as a rule generally not. Is very self reliance, a very giving person among his many attributes. He never has had health insurance when he was working but now that he isn’t; he has it. Go figure. The crazy system comes into play again. My landline died and now am dealing with a cordless. At least there aren’t mounds and mounds of wires. It is nearly five in the morning, will have a hearty breakfast continuing to keep my strength up then get some well deserved sleep. Oh have to say, it happened again turned blue but I saved it by touching the mouse instead of the space bar. Thought emerged now reviled.

“Human Interest Stories: An Update

August 1, 2014

Another new day yet another story in the realm of society. Eating pistachios which are my third favorite. Had two bags of them and actually finished each and every morsel with persistence. Meaning had to break or crack the not so hard shell, while breaking a nail in the process. Regardless love pistachio ice cream for that matter, don’t have to deal with the nut! My second son’s illness is the same however he is fighting it. Have been seeing a good deal of surprisingly great movies which is a good release to get my mind into cheerful matters. And of course my book is wonderful. This is the last day of this month and a very short blog along with it. So next month should be better for my son! Worth mentioning again : where there’s life there’s hope and health is wealth.