“Human Interest Stories: Premise Two”

The first day of a brand new month, with many more adventures in which to look forward. A pleasant interlude with my son, Andre was nice partly so I may collect my thoughts. This segment will deal with my mother’s side of her family making it of course mine also. As I have said before, I was and still am closer to that side than my side. They have a sense of real family feelings, of genuine caring for each other in good times and especially when times are difficult. It seems they just come together in a natural way. They are all different with characteristics of their own however it seems that the rest of the family doesn’t mind as to their being individuals. The entire family seem to recall each birthdays, holidays with celebrations collectively or in a small way just to simply recognize it and not ignore it entirely. That side has many faiths within it as they seem not to judge or look down on anyone. For instant, my dearest cousin Tim was married three times and all the wives have been friends for years regardless. That is remarkable. To me they are wonderful special ladies because they were connected to Tim. My sweetest in the world cousin, Mike is compelling in his own right. He has a knack to make anyone feel comfortable and he is such a joy to be in his presence. He has Alzheimer’s and has had it for a short time. Oh have to say that the word Alzheimer’s was difficult to spell thought it had a t in it and my son, came to the rescue and look on his ipad and spelled it correctly for me as I was beginning to freak out. He said” Calm down” and so I did. Have to say I would love to meet Weesie again especially. She is such a caring person. Was instant messaging her about Tim and relatives. She said” You could find out anything about your family by simply going to any church records. Never knew that. Good information. Another person I would love to meet is Scott who is Mike’s son who lives in Tallahassee. Again have instant messaged him and he and I have had great encouraging conversations. Another person I would like to meet is Sara, Tim’s daughter and Maggie her mother. Both live in the New York City area. It would be good sometime to have uplifting chats in person with them too. A closing thought have had a friend request to Brittany, one of Mike’s daughters for a long time. Wish she would respond so she and I could instant message one another like before. Really miss doing that. So it could happen this month, speaking of adventures.


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