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“Human Interest Stories: Thinking In And Out Of The Box”

October 17, 2014

Now at this early hour have to rethink my thoughts. I just lost all of half the blog. So start over. Reading Love and Honor by Alexandra La Pierre and enjoying this intense book. Reading it little by little to catch every lasting moment. Also read Perdition the first saga which deals with Hell. The next saga which is being written now deals with Heaven. A person can go on any corner in the US and buy illegal drugs. Very easy to get and it is free at first. It surely isn’t the case with legal drugs. Any patient who needs prescription drugs in order to live finds it most difficult to obtain these. In most cases the manufacturer says that they have run out of the drug. What kind of nonsense is that? My son Andre takes prescribed drugs and he was just mentioning that the manufacturer will discontinue this drug in the future. What will patients do then? The drug will be much more expensive than it is now. Better stop for now. So I won’t loose this one.

“Human Interest Stories: My Love For Reading”

October 13, 2014

Although it is close to ten this evening it is an usual time to blog. However it is when the moment comes upon and so this is it. My love for reading is endless. I find this to be a wonderful positive way to relax. However I just don’t read anything just for the sake of it! This has to be very unique. The ignorance of some people just amazes me; in the fact that their realm of things are so narrow minded as I call it tunnel vision. Just because these people who are at book stores they seem that they have the authority to judge. Knowing that it is always supply and demand which in fact it is: these individuals don’t have to be so high and mighty. Granted this place is in the Midwest and there headquarters are in the Southwest. Why do people have to be so indigenous? Now speaking of ” The Church That Forgot Christ” Here is a perfect example. Emailed and called two Roman Catholic churches for some financial help and was turned down and was referred to St Vincent De Paul Society in the prescription office. This place just had a limited amount of medicines and not all especially those prescribed by my son’s kidney doctor. Spent nearly all day trying my level best to get money for my son’s medicine. At one point the excuse was that I was in the wrong zip code. Can you imagine such a ridiculous answer? So to these two churches I ask where was Christ is? If someone needs financial help and the person asks genuinely then why do these people treat them with such a demeaning nature? My son’s right kidney has depleted and his other kidney is at 15% up from 12%. He has to take kidney flushes which are unlimited which means that the doctor doesn’t have to prescribed them each time. He just goes to the pharmacy and obtains them. Speaking of reading why are these authors on facebook? I just deleted some of my likes on this site. Don’t think it is necessary to reveal your life story on any social media site. There should be a more than a privacy angle to this. Just because a person unlikes something doesn’t mean anything. Then you don’t have to see all the hype about it.

“Human Interest Stories: The Church That Forgot Christ”

October 6, 2014

At this early hour this blog will most probably be all over the page: needless to say because of lack of sleep, and a monument of worry. However let’s just see how it goes. I am curious myself. This title seems appropriate, “The Church That Forgot Christ” is one of many excellent Jimmy Breslin books. Had to sell a selection of books, all many favorites authors of mine. Instead of literally naming the authors, let just mention the outcome. Each time of my selling venue, the place was completely clueless as the these authors. Wanted and in fact sold some and donated. some others. This was to the discretion of theirs and not mine. So when in fact it came to the Breslin collections. I took them back and gave them to my best friend in this entire world. Doing this whole event was fine with me for the simple reason the money was to go toward necessary medicine for my son Andre. At this point during this illness he is required to consume. anti nausea medicine in order to eat: enduring blood tests, kidney flushes. His kidneys aren’t good at all. One nearly not even registering, the other has dropped to 5%. Andre isn’t able to have dialysis due to the fact that he has secondary amyloid and a low immune system. So he is on the list for a transplant which is yet schedule to occur. In order to get these medicines I have been pleading with my brother or my 2 sisters which to list point is not any use. There is suppose to be an inheritance of a certain amount allotted to each sibling which were 5. My brother who is executor of the will of Bert and Violet. He was made that only because he was the only son. My brother left my sister out of the will due to an argument or dispute over money. This was a total fabrication of the truth. My dear sister Christine died in 2002. That left her sweetest daughters, Christal and Liz with nothing. The will is still in fact pending and has been in this state for 14 years. No lawyer has been consulted to anything. My brother has simply lied at each turn when inquired. Yesterday phoned his wife and told her that I was in need of money and that my brother should do what’s right if he has a conscience. Each time I mention anything about this situation it is ignored or argued about and nothing is solved. I have personally erased myself of the whole thing for now, but not entirely. I am totally sick of playing games with him and for that matter most if not nearly all of the Davis side. They act so high and mighty and sick of them. Never have graveled to anyone and will never start. This particular person has pride in a dignified way. Will stand up to those that matter and defend the human beings who and are forever will be close to me. Must say that the Jecko side are in my view a genuine family who really cares and are there for each other through thick and thin. Even though I don’t belong to a Catholic parish, just for the reason it boils down to how much a person gives in the collection each Sunday. I still consider myself a Roman Catholic. This new pope, Pope Francis is doing wonders and making a real difference in the church. Moreover, I pray to God and His Blessed Mother, Mary each night and sometimes when I need solace.