“Human Interest Stories: Thinking In And Out Of The Box”

Now at this early hour have to rethink my thoughts. I just lost all of half the blog. So start over. Reading Love and Honor by Alexandra La Pierre and enjoying this intense book. Reading it little by little to catch every lasting moment. Also read Perdition the first saga which deals with Hell. The next saga which is being written now deals with Heaven. A person can go on any corner in the US and buy illegal drugs. Very easy to get and it is free at first. It surely isn’t the case with legal drugs. Any patient who needs prescription drugs in order to live finds it most difficult to obtain these. In most cases the manufacturer says that they have run out of the drug. What kind of nonsense is that? My son Andre takes prescribed drugs and he was just mentioning that the manufacturer will discontinue this drug in the future. What will patients do then? The drug will be much more expensive than it is now. Better stop for now. So I won’t loose this one.


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