“Human Interest Stories: Color My World”

At nearly six in the morning, it’s time for a brand new day with new adventures always in store! Pleasant minor distractions are there for the taking. Been still reading this fine book which is beautifully written. What a talent this author has. While on the subject all my books have been sold except this particular one. Also sold a number of items just pick up all the movies out of the case too. All in the hopes that it is used for medicine for my son, Andre. If anyone has ever had the opportunity to listen to a mesmerizing song by the band “Chicago” entitled ” Color My World” These words describe the attributes of my son Andre. In fact this song was played on piano at a wedding Mass of mine! Also been doing quite a bit of walking before the actual winter arrives. Of course that won’t stop getting a brisk walk in either. Also been doing a great deal of reading over and beyond the natural type. Been reading and finish my son’s play “Squatters” which is to a point of being finished or in the readers eyes seemed to leave off as to a sequel brewing. Also been reading the next book that is dedicated to Andre’s father that deals with Heaven however hasn’t yet been properly titled yet. The first book deals with Hell and it called “Perdition: Ep. Been reading this then Andre has a thought of combining both in one! Sounds fine however it is his so he will have the final say. With my sharp observance I noticed that I misspelled the word Color in the title and more so that the indent of the title was a bit wrong so had to edit it so it would be the way I wanted. Always when I do these blogs it has to be perfect! No room for error! Been seeing quite of an array of movies too. Saw ” On Golden Pond” yesterday with my best friend in this universe. It is a classic and heard about it for an eon and at last I saw it! Wonderful Most recommended!


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