“Human Interest Stories: Far Too Many”

Finally it is quiet with solitude throughout not an out or inside noise to be heard! This is rare though appreciated. Have read the last book from a year ago. Sold all the rest which is fine so others may have the richness of reading. Have been reading and somewhat editing my son’s novel. What is joy to be part of that. He is sleeping now, has been feeling slightly better however isn’t well physically. Had a flash drive and captures some photos from the old computer. Have quite a bit room left on it and will wait to use it constructively. Had gotten rid of computer accessories, an column of books. Speaking of that finished the book from nearly a year ago. Have a number of a special variety of them that will be read at a future date. Far too many go without necessary needs for survival. Such as medicine, food, heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, shelter at anytime of year. Sometimes people have to choose between these! This shouldn’t be. A person shouldn’t have to choose whether they are eligible for a transplant for instant. It should never be about money. If for example they need it then no questions asked and they should receive it. If a person is physically sick with a life threatening disease they shouldn’t have to wait for treatment and be told they can’t receive it because they can’t afford the co pays. Did you know that the drug companies are making hand over fistful of money. It isn’t going to the doctors who generously treat the patient. Most of this money is going to this company! There shouldn’t be a question of survival or lack of treatment but sadly it is and individuals are dying in the process. This is suppose to be the richest and has the best freedom in the world. That doesn’t sound like it is to have these atrocities going on and it being ignored like it doesn’t even exist. My worry is endless as to where the money for my son’s medicine is coming and going. As he has it at this moment then wonder where it will be in the future. Feel like each time people ask casually how I am of course the chat comes around to my immediate family I feel sad that I have a ask or sometimes beg for money in order for my son to get the needed treatment. I feel really bad about the whole shebang and wish it weren’t that way! I have been watching a slew of marvelous movies with best friend in this universe. Have been keeping in touch with close friends which is vital to me. These endless thoughts have been pouring out in a rush one after another toppling from the inner soul of myself. Never to be replicated and always original. And there are much more on the horizon. Always to keep upbeat in a natural way.


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