“Human Interest Stories: Stipulations”

A very foggy day yesterday and it is continuing! Actually very cool! Been connecting with people the more the better! Call me a people person which is favorable and the ultimate compliment! Believe this is the first blog this month, just been carrying on with many other things and endlessly thinking. There unfortunately are stipulations to everything you to do in life. Some are understandable and some aren’t. The way to get around something is money in most cases. However when health is involved all the amount of money will never cure diseases because of the drug companies making money hand over fist! This is a very sad fact in the American culture. The US makes it so difficult to live or in most cases just to survive if you are on a fixed income! Without being redundant just take a brief glance at other countries speaking of the commonwealth countries that are scattered throughout the world. Maybe it wouldn’t be so very difficult to make ends meet if states would be more attuned to the US government and not so backward status quo. Thinking that their state shows affluence and is of a political nature. Speaking from experience, I have found and finding that the Midwest and Deep South is of a cold nature. I recall that when I moved to Maryland that a welcome wagon packet which was quite large in nature was delivered by the postman to our address. This was welcoming us to the neighborhood and in our sense to this state. I have never found that to be true in the states of Oh., Ind., and Wi. Oh I might add that Ala. was in the same category. It secretly baffled me at their conduct.


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