“Human Interest Stories: Connecting The Dots”

Seems very mild weather days currently. Cold frigid times ahead as Christmas is arriving. Missing Midnight Mass again this year yet it is a guarantee that this will occur next year and many more years to come. After that the perfect day is going for a brief hardy breakfast then the best of all watching the sunrise. A wonderful scenic picture of reality. Can’t sleep again joints are a bother. This happens when persons has arthritis. It is worse in colder times of the year. Having arthritic pain isn’t a picnic in the park either. Some can deal with it better than others. It is based on the frame of mind. Some who have broken or worse yet fractured bones when young may have rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis. The joints muscles are inflamed in a rheumatoid hurtful way that it becomes unbearable to concentrate on anything. So it is well documented. However sometimes it is up to the person individually how a person can react to the situation. Meaning their human will to let things dwell or let go and simply meditate or relax and this is done in a certain and their own way. Everyone is different. Middle names of individuals in families may occur as sir names that aren’t familiar to everyone. Such as Whitfield. Another is Anderson. Some people don’t even have middle names. Some only have first and last ones. Know a great deal about my mother’s side of the family. Namely: Florence Whitfield Timothy: Peter Gustav Timothy: Michael W. Jecko: Wilbur and Martha Jecko who had a son named Steven who was an Episcopal Minister. He and I played as children together according to my mother. Grace Elizabeth Anderson was my grandmother whom I never met however saw a photo of her. I was named after her and my sister Christine had my grandmother’s name as her middle name. My sister Anne has my mother’s mother name as her middle. Now as of my father’s side I know practically nothing. Been trying occasionally to find out names. The only names are my Uncle Bobby which I found out that his first name is Gilbert and his second name is Bob. His sir name is Davis. His daughter is Claudia. Her married name is Douglass. Her husband is listed as Jay. They have two sons named Reid and Cole. For the life of me that is all I know of my father’s side. Saw an article in the SC newspaper that Reid has a form of cancer which was of the childhood kind. Haven’t heard of anything else. It seems important to reiterate these facts because it is appropriate to this topic. Wouldn’t mention it otherwise. My parents were as distance and cold as they ever were for no apparent reason. It is very important for children to have some connection. Unfortunately this wasn’t done. It really seems to be absent in a personality to a degree. This is my way of viewing the outcome. Speaking of overcoming something or of conquering. My fear of crossing streets or busy streets. My son and myself walked to Burger King tonight. It was across the street from the Mall. It was great. Took us 20 minutes both ways. So I will do that again maybe walking to the Mall in the near future. The best part there wasn’t any freaking out on my part. Very proud of myself.


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